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Report: Piper Niven Knew About Her Name Change A Month Before WWE Royal Rumble

Piper Niven is back, and her days as Doudrop have come to an end. A new report indicates that she knew about the change a few weeks in advance.

Niven competed with the name when she first arrived in WWE and competed on NXT UK. She was called up to WWE RAW in 2020, and her name was changed to Doudrop. She had been absent from WWE TV since September 2022 due to a health issue, but she returned at WWE Royal Rumble as part of the women’s battle royal.


According to Alex McCarthy of Daily Mail, Niven’s name change was approved one month before WWE Royal Rumble, and the premium live event was picked as the place for her return with the new name.

Niven previously noted that she had talked to WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H about potentially changing her name.

In a recent interview, Niven expressed her interest in having some matches on NXT Europe. Check out her comments here.

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