carmelo hayes
Photo Credit: WWE

Carmelo Hayes Looks Forward To Facing Bron Breakker, Says He’s The Uncrowned King

carmelo hayes
Photo Credit: WWE

Carmelo Hayes appears to be the next opponent for NXT Champion Bron Breakker, and Melo is ready for that challenge.

Hayes was a recent guest on Busted Open with Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about what he thinks his chances are in the ring against NXT Champion Bron Breakker, Melo believes the only reason they haven’t faced off yet is that they wanted to extend Breakker’s title reign.


“I think the real question is how does Bron Breakker feel of his chances against me? You know what I mean? If we’re being completely honest, I’m the only guy really in the NXT locker room that he hasn’t gone one-on-one against,” Hayes said. “There’s a lot of guys that he’s gone against that I’ve beaten as well. I don’t feel; I know that I’m his biggest threat, and he knows I’m his biggest threat.

“There’s a reason why him and I haven’t been in the same ring. There’s a reason why we haven’t had this match because if we had had this match sooner, I’d be the champion already. I’m just putting it out there, and I know that, and I know that with my heart and my soul. I’m looking forward to getting in the ring with Bron and proving that I am the best in NXT. You might have that title, but I’m the uncrowned king.”

When asked why he thinks he’s been winning over the WWE Universe as of late despite being a heel, Hayes chalked it up to talking a big game on the microphone and then backing it up in the ring.

“Because I’m not lying about anything I’m saying. I’m saying the truth, and everything I say, I’m backing it up,” Hayes said. “So it can be considered egotistical. Sure, but I’m saying what I’m saying, and then I go in the ring, and I back it up, and I think that earns respect. And I think now it’s more of okay, you know, this guy, he says what he’s gonna do, and he does it, and I think that’s sort of like an admirable trait of a great talent, not just in wrestling in any sport.”

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