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MLW Underground Results – February 7, 2023: Alex Hammerstone Defends Against EJ Nduka

MLW Underground Results – February 7, 2023

MLW Underground kicked off with a brief video package highlighting some of the company’s biggest moments.

The show opens with Matt Striker in the ring, and he introduces Jacob Fatu for an interview. Fatu is asked when he will be cashing in his Battle Riot IV win for his shot at the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Fatu says he will challenge Hammerstone at MLW Superfight in Philadelphia. [This was taped on February 4, you can see spoilers for that show by clicking here]

Before Fatu can really continue, he’s interrupted by Real1, who claims he’s the real winner of Battle Riot IV. Real1 runs down Fatu’s family and his bloodline and calls him a poor man’s Rikishi. Fatu told him if he said one more word, he would beat the f**k out of him. This immediately brings out MLW security in an attempt to separate the two men before any physicality takes place.

Real1 uses the opportunity to hide behind security by continuing to shout at Jacob Fatu as MLW referees and security hold the Samoan Werewolf back. Fatu is eventually sent to the back, and Real1 continues to rant in the ring and says he came to Philadelphia for a fight. This brings out Mance Warner, which causes Real1 to get out of the ring in a hurry.

Warner gets in the ring as Real1 continues to talk on the outside of the ring. He finally gets in the ring, and they ring the bell for the first match of the evening.

Mance Warner defeated Real1

  • Warner hits him with a right hand and knocks him out, and the referee calls the fight. The right hand was the first move of the match.

A video package plays hyping tonight’s Last Man Standing match for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship between Alex Hammerstone and EJ Nduka.

Alex Kane and The Bomaye Fight Club take the ring with the stolen Opera Cup, and Kane says he’s going to defeat someone tonight and shove a cheesesteak from Tony Lukes down their throat. A “fan” at ringside yells out that Kane sucks, and he goes outside the ring and smashes the cheesesteak over his head, knocking him out in the process.

Kane eventually offers two envelopes full of cash to anyone backstage who wants to come out and try to beat him in the squared circle. This brings out The Marvelous Jafar, and the match is made official.

Alex Kane defeated The Marvelous Jafar

  • After five different suplexes, the referee stops the fight and awards the victory to Kane.

Kane continued to attack Jafar after the bell before taking the microphone and said he was just getting warmed up and challenged someone else from the back. This brings out Davey Boy Smith Jr., who the Bomaye Fight Club doesn’t let get to the ring as Davey Boy brawls with all of them in the aisleway. This brings out The Billington Bulldogs to even the odds, and security rushes out to try and separate the two factions.

A video package plays for Lio Rush to tease his return to Major League Wrestling soon.

It’s announced that Real1 has demanded a rematch with Mance Warner, and it has been signed. The two will face each other in a streetfight next week.

Mads Krügger is shown laid out in the back with the same card on his chest that has been seen on multiple attacked Major League Wrestling talent over the last several months. It remains a mystery as to who the attacker is.

There are short promos from EJ Nduka and Alex Hammerstone that are hyping up tonight’s main event. Nduka tells Jacob Fatu that he’ll be the one he faces at Superfight, while Hammerstone says he’s doing it for himself, the fans, and the locker room and intends to shut up Nduka once and for all.

Alex Hammerstone defeated EJ Nduka in a Last Man Standing match to retain the MLW World Heavyweight Championship

  • Alex Hammerstone hits a jumping pump kick, followed by the Nightmare Pendulum. He then proceeded to pile chairs and parts of a busted table on top of him to secure the ten count and the victory.

Hammerstone celebrates with his championship as Jacob Fatu comes out on the stage. The two men have a staredown from across the arena as MLW Underground goes off the air.

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