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Cody Rhodes Would Love To Be Involved With The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

The legacy of the Rhodes family will always be square on the shoulders of “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes.

Cody recently sat down with Alex McCarthy of Daily Mail to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his father, Dusty Rhodes, and the yearly Dusty Classic in NXT, Cody spoke about how important it was for him to come back to WWE and be an executive producer on the A&E project.


“For all things Dusty Rhodes, the A&E documentary that I was able to be an executive producer on, his story that is coming soon before WrestleMania – not to mention the Dusty Rhodes classic,” Cody said. “One of the things that was obviously very appealing to me was that you’re never not your father or your mother’s son and it’s important to me he cannot be there to protect and defend and explain his legacy.

“So that was obviously a huge thing that was on the table that was appealing to me to being here and coming back to WWE. When it comes to the Dusty Classic, I’d love to do anything to be involved, it’s obviously more NXT and that’s where we’re developing tomorrow’s superstars today and you want to keep it in their wheelhouse.

“But I’d be more than happy to hand potentially Pretty Deadly that trophy or a different team cause there’s so much good going on down there. Shawn Michaels has done an incredible job and continues to do, but I love all things Dusty. I just want to make sure he’s represented fairly, cause for a good time in the business he wasn’t. WWE has done a great job in letting you know what he did, how he did it and how it still affects what we do.”

When asked about the possibility of reuniting with his brother Dustin Rhodes at WrestleMania, Cody admitted that it would come down to specific people getting along to agree to let something like that happen. The American Nightmare makes it a point to say his current focus for WrestleMania is on Roman Reigns.

“Dustin and I have a really unique relationship, it’s almost like we’re at our optimum, at our peak as brothers when we’re together in the ring,” Cody said. “I think we’re very settled on the idea that we never want to tag with each other again because as much fun as we had we were at each other’s throats. But we’re also at a point where I love my brother so much and… I think about him every day, I really do. That would be special.

“It would take some people getting along to agree, but that’s also very cart before horse. Because currently what’s in front of me, and this is no hyperbole is Roman Reigns. That’s what in front of me, as he refers to himself as god-tier. Buddy, this guy is the best of the best in terms of strength, in terms of conditioning, I mean 800 and something days – it can’t be argued.

“If you’re making a list and he’s not number one, your list ain’t real. Can’t be argued. I’m not thinking about any victory lap or celebration, all I’m thinking about is making sure I don’t get hit square in the mouth with a Superman punch.”

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What do you make of Cody Rhodes’ comments? Would you like to see Cody involved in the Dusty Classic in WWE NXT this year? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.