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Dax Harwood On FTR’s Future: The Biggest Decision Of Our Careers Will Be In April

Dax Harwood looks ahead to what’s in store for FTR.

Harwood recently announced that he and his tag team partner, Cash Wheeler, have been granted a few months off of TV so they can heal their bodies and think about what they want to do ahead of the expiration of their AEW contracts in April.


Speaking on his podcast, FTR with Dax Harwood, the former AEW World Tag Team Champion was asked to name some of his dream matches ahead of his potential free agency. He made it clear that, at the moment, he has been trying to focus on his family. However, Harwood noted that the looming decision he and Wheeler will have to make will be the biggest one of their careers,.

“I haven’t put much thought into anything like that, as far as the wrestling aspect goes for this year,” Harwood said. “I’ve tried not to think about wrestling as much because I’ve wanted to be home and be present in the moment with my family. I fee like I haven’t given them that for the few years. Obviously the biggest decision of our career is in April, and that may be overstating it, but not to me, it’s not. To me, it really is because whatever we do in April, I feel, will probably be the last thing we ever do in wrestling, period, at least on a national level in the ring, for sure, it’ll be the last thing that we ever do in wresting.

“I’ve got to take a lot of things into consideration as far as what we’re gonna do, where we’re gonna go. I have an idea with my heart, what I want to do. I have an idea with my brain, and usually I say lead with your heart, but sometimes, especially in this business, man, you lead with your heart and you get your heart broken sometimes.

Harwood continued by describing how he has to figure out what he wants to do, based on several factors, and making sure Wheeler is fully on-board with it.

“I have to figure out what I wanna do, and how I can take care of my family,” Harwood said. “Also I have to make sure that my decision correlates with Cash’s decision, but the good thing is, and we’ve talked about how great of a guy Cash is, how incredible of a person he is, he told he what he felt we should do, and what his ideas were and what his plans for the future could be. But he said, Ultimately, dude, you have the family. We have to make sure that your family is happy. He said I don’t have a family, I don’t have anyone I have to take care of. You do, and so whatever you decide or whatever you want, we can make happen.’

“So I appreciate him saying that, and I love him so much for saying that. It puts a lot of weight on my shoulders, but ultimately, the decision we make has to be a decision that he’s 100% on-board with too. So I got a lot of things coming up, as far as what we’re gonna do and things like that.”

After naming some of his dream matches, Harwood emphasized that he believes 2023 needs to be even more remarkable and successful than 2022 for FTR, or it at least has to rival that level.

“Our 2022, I don’t think that we even scratched the surface of what we could have done, or what we could have been. I believe that there were different factors that happened, but our momentum probably didn’t get taken advantage of the way it could have been. So I think there’s a lot of meat left on the FTR bone. I think that going into 2023, it should be, and this again goes back to the decision we’re gonna have to make. Again, from my heart and from my brain, I’ve gotta think the right way, but I’ve gotta make sure this 2023 eclipses 2022.

“We have the opportunity to pick and choose what we want to do, where we want to go, and with that, I gotta think of the money, I’ve gotta think of the creative, I’ve gotta think of time at home, I’ve gotta think of what my best friend wants to do. There’s a lot of things we both have to put into this decision. But 2023, we have got to make sure it eclipses, at least rivals 2022. Because eclipsing it is gonna be very, very hard, but we can rival [it]. I think if we’re given the opportunity, we can rival 2022, and that’s why 2023 is so so important.”

Harwood previously reflected on FTR’s storyline with The Acclaimed. Check out his comments here.

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