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Angelina Love Discusses Working For NWA, Previews Her Title Match Against Kamille

Angelina Love discusses working for the National Wrestling Alliance and previews her match against NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille at NWA Nuff Said.

Angelina Love was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio with Dave LaGreca, Tommy Dreamer, and Mickie James to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked how joining the NWA came about, Love said she’s known Billy Corgan for a long time and reached out to the company when Ring of Honor announced it would be going on hiatus in 2021.

“I’ve known Billy [Corgan] forever. I was doing one of his Chicago indies when I was in TNA,”  Love said. “All of us were Pumpkin fans when we were teenagers. So when I got back with Ring of Honor in 2019, I was just there for like three years and then it got bought and all the things happened. Velvet [Sky], she was doing commentary in NWA and I’ve just been around for so long that I pretty much know lots of people in every locker room. So she’s always talking about how fun it is and laid back and when we’ve been in the business for a minute and we get to be moms and whatever, I look for a laid-back locker room. I can’t have high-stress drama or anything like that.

“So I had hit up Pat [Kenney] and I’ve known Pat since I was 19, doing BCW shows, and I was just like a little interviewer and I didn’t even know how to hold the microphone. And he’s talent relations there, and so the second that I knew that Ring of Honor was [done], I contacted them. So that was like October; they had already had their December tapings booked and then their next ones were in March and then that’s when I debuted was March 2022. So I’m going on a year there.”

While discussing her NWA Women’s Championship match against Kamille at NWA Nuff Said, Love said she’s used to fighting women bigger than her throughout her career and she’s looking forward to the challenge.

“You know me, the heel just comes out of me and I would love to be an eight-time champ and Kamille’s had the belt for a very, very long time. I don’t ever go to a locker room just to float around and exist,” Love said. “I want to win and I want to make a mark and I’ve never had the NWA Championship. So maybe we did a little attack from behind on the live show, my little specialty, and that’s led to a no DQ and I’m down with that.

“Kamille’s not the first — I feel like I’m the — I don’t want to say the giant slayer but I’ve always been the really small one that always wrestles the big girls. Like I always wrestle [Awesome] Kong and Maria Manic and now I got Kamille. So those kinds of things don’t intimidate or scare me. I’ve been doing this for forever. So I’m ready for it. It’ll be fun.”

WrestleZone will have coverage of NWA Nuff Said as it airs on February 11.

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