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Deonna Purrazzo: I Should Be The One Who Dethrones Mickie James

Deonna Purrazzo wants to bring her feud with Mickie James full circle by taking the title from her.

James defeated Purrazzo to win the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship at Bound For Glory 2021. She later defended the gold against Purrazzo in the historic main event of IMPACT Hard To Kill 2022, where they became the first women to headline an IMPACT pay-per-view. James eventually lost the title, but she regained it with her  Last Rodeo, a series of matches where she would have retired if she lost. She beat Jordynne Grace to win the championship at IMPACT Hard To Kill 2023.

Speaking with The Bob Culture Podcast, Purrazzo was asked whether she thinks she should be the one who takes the title from James.

“Absolutely. It should be me,” Purrazzo said. “I think that Mickie and I have told an amazing story over the last almost two years that she’s been with Impact.  And I think that it would really come full circle for Deonna Purrazzo to be the one to defeat Mickie James. I’ve never defeated Mickie James before. I almost did and then she cheated, so I just want to throw that out there. She only defeated me in December because she cheated.

“I think it would be so full circle because she dethroned me and I could get my comeuppance years later. It would be very interesting to see if we get to that point. I would love it. I know Mickie would love something like that to happen. It’s just a matter of time and if all the pieces are in the right place.”

Thanks to Rob Williams and Kriss Nunez from The Bob Culture Podcast for sharing this quote.

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