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Matt Menard Jokingly Takes Credit For Jacksonville Jaguars Playoff Win

The Khan family seemingly has to thank Matt Menard for the Jacksonville Jaguars’ playoff win this year.

Angelo Parker and Matt Menard were recent guests on The Swerve City Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. While discussing the Jacksonville Jaguars’ playoff win over the San Diego Chargers, Daddy Magic hilariously told a story about how deciding to go to bed helped the Jaguars win that game.

“Funny story, that game so I’m watching it right on NBC, and it’s 27 nothing. I’m just like; I’m done. I’m going to bed,” Matt Menard said. “So I go to bed because I’ve got a son; he’s gonna be up to 6:45 no matter what. And then I get a text from Taz, ‘Oh, they needed that before halftime.’ Oh, I guess the Jags scored. Okay, cool. So I’m just looking at my phone, 20 minutes.

“It’s still a little early in the night, so I’m not falling asleep right away. And I see that come back is on. And my wife tells me I guess she had checked the score. She goes, ‘I think they’re coming back. Do you want to get up?’ I go no; I’m not getting up. I’m gonna ruin it if I get up! So I stayed in bed. I sacrificed for the Khan family. That’s what did it. All right, Daddy Magic staying in bed. That’s all I’m gonna say.”

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