Father James Mitchell Brings The Hex To IMPACT Wrestling

Father James Mitchell is back in IMPACT Wrestling and he brought some familiar faces with him.

After The Death Dollz defeated Killer Kelly and Taylor Wilde on the February 9 episode of IMPACT on AXS, the former manager of the Disciples of The New Church returned to the IMPACT Zone. Mitchell brought the former NWA women’s Tag Team Champions Marti Belle & Allysin Kay, The Hex, along with him, and they attacked the current IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Here’s how it all went down courtesy of our live coverage:

Killer Kelly & Taylor Wilde vs. The Death Dollz

Rosemary and Taya are representing Death Dollz. Taya starts things with Kelly as the two lock up. Kelly kicks Taya and swings at Rosemary in the face corner. Rosemary comes in to cover after Taya hits a German off the ropes. Rosemary does the Upside Down in the ropes to choke Kelly. Wilde reads her tarot cards on the apron and then tags in. Wilde runs into the turnbuckle then is hit by Rosemary. Wilde holds Rosemary in their corner before tagging Kelly.

Kelly does a stalling bridge into a cover. Wilde back in with a knee and couple punches. Double clotheslines take them both down. Taya and Kelly get the tags. Taya controls with a kick and clothesline. Taya hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Kelly does a running kick and looks for a tag, but Wilde is still reading her cards. Wilde tosses a devil card at Kelly. Kelly runs into Road to Valhalla with an assist from Rosemary. Taya covers for three.

Winners: Death Dollz

While celebrating, Father James Mitchell returns. He tells Rosemary it’s been quite some time since they last crossed paths. He says Jessicka reminds him of somebody he knows. He then reveals that he was sent to put a ‘hex’ on Rosemary. The Hex (Allysin Kay and Marti Bell) ambush Jessicka and Taya from behind. Rosemary runs back in and gets beat up as well.

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