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Tyrus Reflects On Having His Match Cut For Time At WrestleMania 29

Tyrus compares never getting his match at WrestleMania is relatable to Charles Barkley never winning an NBA Championship.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus was a recent guest on The Ten Count with Steve Fall to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about having his match cut for time at WrestleMania 29, Tyrus admitted that due to the match between CM Punk and The Undertaker going long, his match got cut.


“Well, I remember it was getting close. Taker and Punk, their battle was going long,” Tyrus said. “Vince McMahon was doing everything he could to look into what he could cut to get us out there. I think that’s important to remember. And I remember Tensai said to me, because Tensai is one of the greatest, not just big men, he’s another great worker. He’s done it all in wrestling, and he’s been through the highs and lows and WrestleManias, he’s had moments. He’s shared the ring with Undertaker. He’s been there. He’s done it all. And he just said to me, ‘It’s okay. It’s gonna happen. And if it doesn’t, we’re gonna be fine.’ Eventually, it came down. Vince took his headset off, shook his head, and he said, ‘Brodus, I’m sorry,’ and I just said, ‘Okay, boss,’ and walked out.

“There was no point of showing emotion. There was no point in complaining. And I just needed to get away from it because that was the moment of my childhood. Now, granted, I got a chance to come out and call your mama, but I wasn’t in the ring. My WrestleMania moment was an entertaining moment, but I wanted to be in that ring. Like every hero, I ever cared about, cheered for, cried for. So when that moment didn’t happen, I just needed to get away.”

Tyrus continued by noting that both he and Cody Rhodes were upset because they weren’t getting their respective moments at WrestleMania. He described how Dusty Rhodes was there, but he still took a moment to himself.

“I walked out the building. I remember Dusty [Rhodes] because Cody [Rhodes] was — Cody’s a passionate guy, and he was upset. And I remember Cody’s head was down, and I believe he was very emotional. We worked hard all year for that moment. It was gone. And it wasn’t coming back. And I remember Dusty reached out to me because Dusty was there when I came through the stairs. I said, ‘I need a moment, boss,’ and he said, ‘You take your moment,’ and I walked out the door, walked in the parking lot.

“I kept walking until I got to where the buses were at. And at that point, I realized I’m in a zoot suit with Japanese calligraphy paint on my face and wrestling gear, and it’s a long walk to Louisiana from New York, so I probably need to go back inside. And as I turned to where I go to walk back, never forget this security guy at the door said, ‘Do you have any identification on you?’ And I just said, ‘Bruh, look at me.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, Brodus. Yeah. Come on in.'”

Tyrus then stated that having his match cut at WrestleMania 29 was the beginning of the end for him in WWE because he was very bitter about the whole situation after that.

“But yeah, it was something for me. Unfortunately, I think that was the beginning of the end for me in the WWE. I was very bitter after that. It was very tough for me to get over a lot of sleepless nights over it,” Tyrus admitted. “I didn’t really do the blame game. I think it was more of just the system’s out to get me kind of attitude. You know what I’m saying? And it was just a hard pill to swallow. Because it was for me, I thought that was the night that I was going to launch.”

Tyrus recalled what Stephanie McMahon said to him before going out to be in Alberto Del Rio’s corner at WrestleMania 27 and put over how much the McMahon family does care about their talent. In the end, he believes everything happened for a reason and that now Tyrus is a bigger name than Brodus Clay ever was.

“I’ll never forget what Stephanie McMahon said to me before we went out there; she says, ‘Remember to breathe, and it’s going to feel like a city’s watching you; good luck.’ And I was like, ‘Thank you.’ But she stopped like a million things going on, and she stopped, and that’s one of the things I don’t think enough people know about the McMahon family and Triple H and them is that they generally do care.

“And you always hear the bad stuff, but it’s the little things that I always remember. But yeah, I just never really got over it. And I kind of had a chip on my shoulder after that. But I have no one to blame but myself for that, but things happen for a reason. I went to IMPACT and reinvented myself. Tyrus was born, and I would argue Tyrus is a bigger name than Brodus Clay now. So there’s lessons in there but, you know, my career, if my last match is in the NWA, I will be that asterisk that I never actually wrestled in a WWE Wrestlemania. So even though I was at four of them. So that’s just something that I just had to accept and make my peace with. Charles Barkley never got his championship, and I never got my match at WrestleMania.”

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What do you make of Tyrus’ comments? Do you think his match getting cut at WrestleMania was the best thing that could have happened to him? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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