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NWA Nuff Said Results (2/11/23): Tyrus vs. Matt Cardona

On February 11, the National Wrestling Alliance presented its NWA Nuff Said pay-per-view from the Egypt Shrine Center in Tampa, Florida. The show aired on FITE.

The results are as follows:


La Rosa Negra vs. Missa Kate

The two women go back and forth. Negra overpowers Kate and gets a two count with an elbow drop. Kate gains the upper hand and drills Rosa with a knee to the face for a two count. Rosa rallies and hits a splash for the win.

Winner: La Rosa Negra

Dak Draper & Mims vs. Blake Troop & Jax Dane (with Chris Silvio, Esq.)

Silvio introduces Dax and Troop as The Savages. They dominate the match early on. Draper tags in and takes control with a flurry of offense. Dane dumps Draper with a suplex. Troop takes Draper to the mat and showcases an MMA-based style. He slams Draper with a gutwrench throw. Troop floors Draper with a full nelson slam. Draper rallies and drops Dane with a German suplex. Mim gets fired up with a big clothesline. He sends Dane to the outside. Silvio tries to get involved, but Mims dumps, so Silvio accidentally hits Troop with an axe-handle. Draper stacks Troop up and pins him.

WinnersDak Draper & Mims

Troop and Dane are clearly frustrated after the bout.

Backstage, May Valentine interviews EC3. She announces that he has signed with NWA, and he’s bringing Control Your Narrative with him. EC3 says he’s in the NWA to “ascend”, and CYN’s mission continues tonight.

Odinson vs. Joe Alonzo

Alonzo takes the fight to Odinson, but the Asgardian overpowers him. Alonzo pulls Odinson crotch-first into the ring post and slams his leg on the steel. Odinson levels Alonzo with a clothesline and drills him with an uppercut. He slams Alonzo to the mat for a two count. Alonzo catches him with a kick, but Odinson hits a torture wrack slam. Odinson dodges a springboard and rocks Alonzo with a pounce. He then drops Alonzo with a spinning slam for the win.

Winner: Odinson

May Valentine interviews Thrillbilly Silas, who discusses his match with Kratos. He says Kratos made it personal by hitting Pollo Del Mar, and Kratos won’t survive the Thrill Ride.

Jennacide & Max The Impaler (with Amy Rose) vs. Natalia Markova & Mercurio

Jennacide takes Mercurio down. Markova tags in and drills Jennacide with some strikes. Jennacide stomps her and traps her in a modified sleeper hold, but Mercurio breaks it up. Jennacide boots Markova in the face. Max tags in and dominates Markova. Max throws Markova across the ring and drills her with some blows in the corner. Merucrio tries to enter the ring, but Max attacks him. Mercurio and Markova double-suplex Max. Markova gets a two count with a splash. Mercurio superkicks Max, who fires back with a clothesline. Markova nails Max with a knee strike. Jennacide argues with Max and tags herself in. Mercurio attacks Jennacide when she’s not looking. Markova hits the Beautiful Destruction and a double-arm DDT for the win.

Winners Natalia Markova & Mercurio

CJ and “Magic” Jake Dumas come to the ring after the match. The broadcast team notes that Dumas has been cleared to compete. Dumas confronts Merucrio and gets in his face. He turns around, and CJ falls down, making it look like Mercurio pushed her. Dumas gets mad, and CJ holds him back as Mercurio and Markova leave.

Main Show

Singapore Cane Match: Thom Latimer vs. Fodder

Latimer runs to the ring, and Fodder goes to the outside. Latimer gives up his Singapore cane, and when Fodder enters the ring, he drills “Psycho Boy” with a Spear. Latimer controls the action, but Fodder hits him with the cane. Fodder grinds the cane into Latimer’s throat. He grounds Latimer and beats him with the cane. Latimer rallies and hits a piledriver. He locks in a crossface while using a cane, and Fodder taps out.

Winner: Thom Latimer

Matt Cardona is backstage for an interview and looks back on losing his title. He addresses the stipulation for the bout and says he’ll win the title fair and square. Cardona also questions Bully Ray’s involvement as the guest commentator but vows to win the gold.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship: Kerry Morton (c) (with Ricky Morton) vs. Alex Taylor (with Danny Dealz)

Morton and Taylor feel each other out. Taylor briefly gains the upper hand. Morton catches him with a dropkick. They battle on the apron and trade chops. Morton plans Taylor with a DDT on the apron. Taylor takes control and drives Morton into the apron. Back in the ring, Taylor hits a backbreaker for a two count. He continues to ground Morton. Dealz looks for a weapon at ringside, and Ricky Morton drops him with a punch. Taylor hits a Cradle Shock for a two count. Morton powerbombs Taylor and hits the Kiss it Goodbye for a two count. Morton slams Taylor to the mat for the win.

Winner and still NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion: Kerry Morton

Kratos vs. Thrillbilly Silas (with Pollo Del Mar)

Kratos hits Silas with some stiff blows. Silas fires back, but Kratos sends him to the outside and jumps onto him. Back in the ring, Kratos gets a two count with a slam. He maintains the advantage and continues to overpower his opponent. Silas gets a two count with a powerbomb. Silas hits the Thrill Ride for a two count. Kratos crashes into an exposed turnbuckle and gets busted wide open. Silas locks in a chokehold, and Kratos is out, so the referee calls for the bell.

WinnerThrillbilly Silas

Silas’ hand is covered in Kratos’ blood, and he licks it. He then rubs the blood on his face.

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