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Elias Says Ezekiel Is ‘Still In A Coma’, Hoping For A Quick Recovery

WWE’s Sebastian Hackl had the opportunity to sit down with Elias recently and asked about the status of his brother Ezekiel.

There has not been any new developments according to Elias. He said “I gotta be honest with you, the boss is in way more contact with him than I am. He wants to know when he will be back and how is he doing. The truth is, all of the reports I get is that he still in a coma. He’s in the hospital recovering.”

Elias continued on by saying for his mental health, he tries to stay away from the situation and avoid talking about it. He said, “Ever since he was taken out by Kevin Owens, I hope you remember when the whole family was gathered by the hospital bed. I kind of keep my distance now to protect myself emotionally, its hard to see my brother like that. But all the reports I get say he is still in a coma. We are hoping for a recovery.”

Ezekiel has not been seen since the middle of 2022. Elias has since returned to the company.

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