WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw Results (2/13/23)

WWE Raw ResultsWWE Raw Results 

February 13, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

In-Ring Segment: Becky Lynch

Lynch is in the ring with Adam Pearce. She welcomes the crowd to the show. As good as it felt to beat Bayley in the steel cage match last week and shout out to Lita for the assist, she realized her path to WrestleMania was no longer clear. She lost focus on what was important to her, the Women’s Championship. She brought Pearce to the ring to ask him to give her a chance to fight her way into the Elimination Chamber match. Before she can complete her thought. Bayley interrupts. Lynch screams she’s done with Bayley.

Bayley says what happened last week should be written from the record books. She deserves to be in the Chamber match. Lynch and Bayley argue. Bianca Belair saunters down to the ring. She’s heard a lot of talk about her title, but no one thought to invite her. She likes where this is going. She wants to face the best of the best, so why not make them go through her? Pearce agrees. Pearce books a triple-threat match for tonight. If either Bayley or Lynch wins, they will be added to the Chamber, and it will start as a triple-threat match. If Belair wins, neither woman will be added.

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The Judgement Day vs. The Street Profits

Priest and Bálor work over Ford. Ford catches Bálor with a dropkick. Dawkins tags in and double teams Bálor with Ford. Ford and Dawkins clothesline Priest over the top rope. After the break, Priest tries to set up a superplex. Ford counters in mid-air, landing on top of Priest. Ford tags in Dawkins. Dawkins clears the ring.

Ford gets a blind tag. Dawkins pounces Bálor into a German suplex by Ford. Priest breaks up the pin. Doomsday Blockbuster by the Street Profits. Bálor somehow kicks out. Ford lands a dive on Priest. Dominik gets on the apron. Dawkins pulls him into the ring and pounces him out of his boots. Bálor surprises Dawkins with a sling blade, followed by a Woo dropkick. Bálor lands the double stomp off the top for the win.

Winners- The Judgement Day

After the match, the Judgement Day beats down the Street Profits. Edge and Beth Phoenix make the save. Phoenix clotheslines Dominik. Rhea Ripley hops the barricade and attacks Phoenix as she tries to set him up for the Glam Slam. Ripley was not supposed to be here tonight! Ripley drops Phoenix with Riptide.

Contract Signing

Adam Pearce is in the ring as Brock Lesnar makes his entrance. Lesnar tosses his chair out of the ring. Lesnar cuts Pearce off and tells him he just needs Bobby Lashley to sign the contract. Before Lashley makes his entrance, 10-12 security guards walk out and stand on the ramp. A table and chair are set up on the stage. Lashley finally walks out and parks himself on the stage.

Pearce asks Lashley to come to the ring. Lashley says this isn’t the Brock Lesnar show. Every time he stands face-to-face with Lesnar, he leaves him battered, beaten, or unconscious. Lesnar demands Lashley get in the ring. Lashley notes all the people he had read the contract, including his kids. He isn’t sure he is going to sign it. A “Bobby’s scared” chant breaks out.

Lesnar says if Lashley doesn’t get in the ring and sign the contract, he’s going to beat him unconscious and sign it for him. Lesnar hops out of the ring and destroys Lashley’s security. Lashley sends Lesnar flying with a back body drop on the ramp. Lashley Spears Lesnar then signs the contract while standing over him. After dropping the contract on Lesnar’s chest, Lashley celebrates on the stage.

Mia Yim vs. Piper Niven

As soon as the bell rings, Niven runs over Yim. Yim tries to pick  Niven up, but she falls on top of her. Niven tosses Yim into the ropes. Yim hits lands a head scissors into a DDT. Yim tries a splash in the corner. Niven counters with a slam. Senton by Niven. Yim kicks out. Niven works over Yim. Yim escapes a slam and lands a head kick. Niven escapes Eat ‘d Feet into the Loche Ness Slam for the win.

Winner- Piper Niven

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