wwe elimination chamber 2023

WWE Elimination Chamber Results (2/18/23)

WWE Elimination Chamber Results 

February 18, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match: Raquel Rodriguez vs. Liv Morgan vs. Carmella vs. Asuka vs. Nikki Cross vs. Natalya

Morgan and Natalya start the match. Natalya tries to send Morgan into the cage, but she reverses it. Natalya sends Morgan into a pod. Morgan tries to hit Oblivion, but Natalya counters and sends her into a cage. Rodriguez is released from her pod next. Rodriguez clears the ring. Morgan gets to her feet. Rodriguez picks up Natalya on her shoulders and drives her into the cage.

Morgan hops on Rodriguez, and she also drives her into the cage. Rodriguez sunset flips Rodriguez into the cage. Nikki Cross is released next. Cross sends Natlaya out of the ring. Cross-slingshots Morgan into one of the pods. Rodriguez gets to her feet, and Cross drives her into the cage. Cross grinds Rodriguez’s face into the cage. Cross climbs one of the pods and flattens everyone in with a crossbody.

Carmella is released next. She tries to pin everyone but can’t get a three count. Carmella closes herself back in her pod to avoid Cross. Rodriguez tosses Cross through Carmella’s pod. Carmella runs away and hides in another pod. In confusion, Rodriguez pins Cross.

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Nikki Cross has been eliminated. Morgan powerbombs Rodriguez off the second rope. Carmella tries to pin Rodriguez. Rodriguez kicks out. Asuka is released next. Carmella runs away. Asuka chases her and boots her into one of the pods. Asuka unloads on Carmella. German suplex by Asuka. Asuka and Rodriguez face off in the ring. Rodriguez floors Asuka with a shoulder tackle. Asuka locks Rodriguez in an ocotpus.

Rodriguez counters, but Asuka slips off Rodriguez’s shoulder. Asuka kicks Rodriguez into the corner. Morgan lands a dropkick. Asuka kicks out. Morgan tries Oblivion on Natalya, but Carmella kicks Morgan in the face. Natalya locks Morgan in the Sharpshooter.  Morgan refuses to tap out. Asuka joins in and locks Morgan in the Asuka Lock 2.0. Morgan passes out. The referee calls the knockout.

Liv Morgan had been eliminated.

Natalya puts Asuka in the Sharpshooter. Carmella kicks Natalya in the fave and pins her.

Natalya has been eliminated.

Asuka and Carmella kick Rodriguez in the face and pins her together.

Raquel Rodriguez has been eliminated.

Carmella immediately German suplexes Asuka. Asuka and Carmella trade strike. Asuka rolls Carmella into the Asuka Lock 2.0. Carmella taps out.

Carmella has been eliminated.

Winner- Asuka

Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar

As soon as the bell rings, Lesnar belly-to-belly suplexes Lashley. Lashley rolls out the ring. Lesnar tosses Lashley back into the ring. As soon as Lesnar gets backs in the ring, Lashley Spears Lesnar. Lesnar gets to his feet and gets Speared again.

Lashley calls for the Hurt Lock. Lesnar reverses it into an F5. Lashley kicks out. Lesnar hits another F5. Lashley kicks out. Lesnar tries another F5, but Lashley hits another Spear. Lashley puts Lesnar in the Hurt Lock. Lesnar low-blows Lashley. The referee disqualifies Lesnar.

Winner- Bobby Lashley

After the match, Lesnar F5s the referee and Lashley. Lesnar drags Lashley out of the ring and F5s him through the announce table. LEsnar grabs the referee and F5s him out on the floor.

Rhea Ripley and Finn Bálor vs. Edge and Beth Phoenix

Bálor floors Edge with a shoulder block. Bálor gets in Phoenix’s face. Edge runs over Bálor. Edge tags in Phoenix. Phoenix and Edge hit poetry in motion on Bálor. Ripley has to get in the ring. Phoenix and Ripley get in each other’s faces. Ripley tries a clothesline, but it doesn’t faze Phoenix. Ripley and Phoenix take turns clotheslining each other. Neither woman goes down. Ripley and Phoenix engage in a test of strength. Ripley kicks Phoenix in the gut.

Phoenix blasts Ripley with a clothesline. Ripley rolls out of the ring. Phoenix and Ripley fight outside of the ring. Phoenix sends Ripley into the ringsteps. Bálor distracts the referee while Dominik Mysterio crotches Phoenix on the top rope. Edge chases Dominik out of the ringside area. Ripley works over Phoenix. Dominik saunters back to the ringside area.

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Ripley sets Phoenix up on the top rope. Phoenix manages to turn it into a superplex. Both women are down. Phoenix manages to tag in Edge. Edge puts Bálor in the Edgucator. Ripley hits the ring and gets Speared by Phoenix. Phoenix puts Ripley in the Edgeucator.  Dominik gets on the apron and hands Ripley brass knuckles. Ripley hits Edge in the back of the head. Phoenix breaks up the pin.

Bálor goes up top for the double stomp, but Phoenix pushes Dominik into the ropes, crouching Bálor. Ripley and Phoenix both land powerbombs on Edge and Bálor. Ripley tries to smash Phoenix’s head with a chair on the ring steps. Bálor forces Edge to watch. Phoenix moves and hits a Glam slam out on the floor. Edge takes out Dominik with a suicide dive. Edge and Phoenix hit the Shatter Machine on Bálor. Edge pins Bálor.

Winners- Edge and Beth Phoenix

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