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Cody Rhodes Says Popped Eardrum Put A Damper On Royal Rumble Win: It Was A Bummer Not To Fully Hear It

Cody Rhodes is ready for WrestleMania, and a popped eardrum won’t slow him down.

Cody Rhodes spoke with Brandon London for the New York Post and detailed suffering a popped eardrum during the 2023 men’s Royal Rumble match. Rhodes says that he’s doing OK now, but it was a bit of a disappointing night considering he couldn’t hear the reaction he actually got for winning the match.


“So if you’ve ever had your ear drum popped, it’s a ringing sound, it’s unmistakeable, there’s air blowing out of it. I was just tickled by it, hilariously, that it happened because I’m finally back, came back two months early. The last thing we need to do is get hurt because you don’t want to be on that medical list. Anyways, I was able to get through it just fine, just a tiny little perforation. The funny thing was on a night that you’re surrounded by 60,000 people in the Alamodome, excited, you’d like to hear them, and I could only hear half of them. That was a little bit of a [worrisome moment]. I could feel them, if that makes any sense, but you’d like to hear them more. That was a night that was a bummer not to fully hear it.

“I remember I came backstage and I had to start doing media and press right away, again winning the Royal Rumble means you’re going to WrestleMania, and I had mentioned that I had popped my eardrum. And I wish I hadn’t because as soon as I was done with that media [session], WWE is so good with their medical personnel and the doctors, they come running up to me and they stick that thing in my ear. I’m thinking, ‘No!’ I wanted to put it in the ear that wasn’t hurt just so I could trick them but they knew. They took care of it. I was able to get through the next few days with no issues. It’s just part of what we do. Sports entertainment and combat sports, the slap’s a little high up, the ear drum pops, but not the end of the world. I’m one of those wrestlers that likes the pain a little bit. Today, I’m good. I can hear everybody, I can hear everything. I’m ready.”

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