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D-Von Dudley: It’s Hard To Dispute Greatest Of All-Time; The Dudley Boyz Are The Greatest Team Of My Era

D-Von Dudley believes there’s an important distinction to make when speaking about the all-time greats.

During a recent interview on The Ten Count with Steve Fall, D-Von was asked if he believes The Dudley Boyz are the greatest tag team of all time. D-Von said it’s a difficult argument because every time period of wrestling has “the” team, so he’s more comfortable saying he was the best team of his era.

“That’s hard because every era will dispute that. My era will dispute today’s era because of what we’ve done during that era. And I’m sure 20 or 30 years from now, whoever is holding the title will claim to be the greatest tag team in the history of this business. Like FTR, they are claiming that now which is fine, and you have a lot of people that are watching them today that are pretty much agreeing with them,” D-Von noted. “But again, this is their era.

“So, I don’t like to say “all-time” because it all depends on the era that you did your job in,” D-Von added. “You have the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express; you have the Midnight Express; you have The Hart Foundation; you have the British Bulldogs, the Road Warriors, and all of those tag teams back in that era. There’s a hard dispute of who is the greatest of all time. So now you move to the Attitude Era. And now the Dudleys are claiming to be the greatest of all time. Again, it’s the era in which you were born in and which you were performing, and I think that will determine, I think you should say instead of the greatest of all time, I’m the greatest of my era.”

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