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The Gunns: We Haven’t Heard From Billy Since We Won The Titles, Why Isn’t He Happy For Us?

The Gunns now reign supreme as the AEW World Tag Team Champions, and while they’re on top of the world, they claim that their dad isn’t being supportive.

Austin and Colten Gunn arrived in AEW in 2020. Austin came first, and he often teamed up with his father, Billy Gunn. His brother Colten debuted a few months later, and they started working as a trio. But when The Gunn Club aligned with The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Antony Bowens) in 2022, Billy ultimately turned on his sons and chose to side with Bowens and Caster. They have been feuding on-and-off ever since, and The Gunns scored a major win when they beat The Acclaimed to win the AEW World Tag Team Championship on the February 8 episode of AEW Dynamite.


Speaking with Austin and Colten Gunn on Busted Open, Mark Henry noted that he didn’t think either of them were in the running for the Kid of the Year Award, given their actions toward their father. Austin responded by noting that they didn’t need that award because they have the tag titles. Colten noted that Billy should be proud of them, and the titles might as well be a Kid of the Year Award. Austin went on to claim that they haven’t heard from their father  since they won the gold.

Austin Gunn: “We don’t have to be. You know what we are, though? AEW tag team champions.”

Colten Gunn: I feel like, if your kids won the tag team championship, you should be happy for them. That’s a Kid of the Year award. We did great things.

AG: Your son has accomplished so many great things. Aren’t you happy for him? Why isn’t Dad happy for us? I haven’t gotten one text, I haven’t gotten one phone call from Dad. Colten either.”

When asked about potentially making up with Billy, Austin claimed that Billy had multiple chances, and he made the wrong choice each and every time.

“He had multiple times. Me and Colten, during the therapy session, addressed a lot of sensitive stuff, a lot of personal stuff,” Austin said. “We aired our dirty laundry for the whole world to see. Sure enough, the fans were like, ‘Oh, Billy Gunn’s the good guy here. I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Then when we had a confrontation the following week on Dynamite, I said some stuff that I would only tell him personally, trying to get him to once realize that he turned his back on his own sons.

“Sure enough, he had one opportunity, when he involved himself in the match last Wednesday on Dynamite, he had one opportunity, while he was helping Bowens up, he had one opportunity to make the right decision once more, and he chose wrong. Once again he chose wrong.

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