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Photo Credit: AEW

Tony Khan Praises The Renegade Twins, Specifically Brought Them In For Recent AEW Taping

The Renegade Twins have carved themselves quite a successful path in professional wrestling.

Over the last 15 months, the twin sisters landed themselves opportunities in WWE, AEW, and the National Wrestling Alliance. Naturally, Charlette and Robyn Renegade began steadily building their resume, most recently capturing the NWA Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Within AEW, The Renegade Twins continue to make recurring appearances. Their latest bouts came out of Dark tapings, and two stints on Rampage. Before their February 3rd showing against Saraya and Toni Storm, the duo received a personal invitation from AEW President Tony Khan to perform in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio.

“I really like the Renegade Twins, they’re tremendous,” Tony Khan told Busted Open Radio. “I asked them to come in specifically a few weeks ago. Asked for them because they were in Dayton, Ohio, their hometown. I wanted to give them the opportunity to wrestle in front of their families and their friends. They’ve been tremendous. I’ve brought them in for Dark several times, I really like them both. I think Robyn and Charlette do tremendous work.”

Khan continued, discussing the process of integrating and building newer performers, like The Renegade Twins, in the AEW system. “That’s the kind of great, young wrestlers we like having here in AEW and giving opportunities to. That’s what it’s about, building homegrown stars in AEW, people that the fans watch start their career and watch them ascend to the top,” he said.

Among their way to the top, The Acclaimed and Jamie Hayter have served as other prime examples of homegrown stars. “That’s why so many fans, I believe, feel so close to The Acclaimed and their journey, because the fans watched The Acclaimed start on AEW Dark and they watched them work their way up to the top,” Khan explained. “Some fans might remember when they weren’t even a tag team yet, when you saw them get together, there was magic and the more they did together, the better and better they got until they became the best tag team in the world for a long time.”

“I think that also applies to the AEW Women’s World Champion right now too, Jamie Hayter, who worked her way up to the top. She wasn’t winning every match and she came in, she’s gotten better and better as a wrestler. She’s worked hard on her wrestling, worked hard in the gym and become one of the most popular wrestlers in the company. I think that’s a testament to her, and I think a lot of these homegrown stars can build a real connection with the fans and you’ll see the AEW fans all around the country will really get behind those wrestlers.”

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