Cesar Duran
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John Hennigan: Cesar Duran Is A Modern-Day Throwback To Everything Great About A Manager In The 80’s

John Hennigan believes MLW has something great in Cesar Duran.

Previously known to Lucha Underground fans as Dario Cueto, Cesar Duran has been performing for Major League Wrestling since 2021. In a recent interview, his friend John Hennigan had nothing but praise for the nefarious on-air authority figure.

During a recent appearance on the In the Kliq podcast with Baby Huey, John Hennigan praised Cesar Duran and shared that they would be working together in the coming weeks on MLW TV.

“I am working with Cesar Duran, and Taya, and Sam Adonis,” said Morrison. “It’s been really great working with Taya again. Cesar Duran is such a talent, he adds credibility, creativity and skill to any situation that he’s in. He’s a pleasure to be around, and I feel like he really elevates anyone that he’s in a segment with. He takes the art of professional wrestling very seriously.”

Morrison went on to praise Duran for his work across Lucha Underground and MLW, praising his “throwback” ability as a manager as well as his acting, and him as a person.

“If you don’t know what I’m talking about, he was Dario Cueto in Lucha Underground, he’s Cesar Duran now in MLW, at my bachelor party we call him Luis because that’s his name, he’s just the best dude ever,” Morrison said. “You got to check him out, because he’s like a modern-day throwback to everything that was great about a manager in the 80s, and I think he’s evolved that into a next-level, very serious actor. He’s blending wrestling and his ability in acting together. And the only place to see it is in MLW.”

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