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John Hennigan Explains Why He’s Using His Real Name Instead Of A Gimmick In MLW

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John Morrison talks about how he wound up using his real name in MLW.

John Morrison is a wrestler who has competed for every major promotion in modern history and changed his last name every time out to fit the promotion that he’s working for. His real name is John Hennigan, and that’s what he will use going forward in MLW, but that’s only because MLW is changing its top show.

Speaking with Baby Huey of the In The Kliq podcast, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion explains how he used his real name in MLW and ended up back in Major League Wrestling.

“I talked to Court Bauer about that. We almost went with Johnny Fusion. But then, when MLW switched to MLW Underground from MLW Fusion and switched up on wheels. We just decided let’s just go with John Hennigan in case there are any other switches. Also, this is the first time I’ve gone by my real name in the wrestling industry since Tough Enough when I first started,” said Johnny.

To put things in perspective, here are some of the ring names Hennigan has used over the years:

John Morrison, John Superstar, Johnny Superstar, Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact, Johnny Blackcraft, Johnny Caballero, Johnny Elite, Johnny Game Changer, Johnny Progress, Johnny Downunder, Johnny Hardy, Johnny Showcase, Johnny WrestleCade, Johnny Warrior, Johnny Hollywood, Johnny Fusion, Johnny Nitro and Johnny Onyx.

Speaking about how he ended up back in Major League Wrestling, Johnny credits his wife, Taya Valkyrie, with opening the line of communication between him and Court Bauer.

“So, like, my favorite wrestler in the world was working for MLW and she put me in touch with Court. I’m talking about Taya Valkyrie, my wife. She was the MLW Women’s Champion. When we left WWE this past run, we were talking about how it’d be great to work together again, like we did at IMPACT and Lucha Underground.

“When the opportunity arose for that to happen at MLW, I jumped on it because I’ve always been a fan of the promotion, of Court, and the roster,” Johnny continued. “The roster is really deep and crazy. Jacob Fatu, who’s also from the Bay Area, is on there. Juicy, Davey Richards, Willie Mack, Billy Starkz, Taya, Lio Rush, Harry Smith, Lince Dorado, Sam Adonis, and Cesar Duran. There’s so many people that I’ve got history with, and so many people that I’ve been a fan of, guys like Lio Rush, I’ve wanted to be able to get in the ring with. Now the opportunity is here with MLW.”

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