Mercedes Moné
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Mercedes Monè Confirms April Match In Tokyo, Teases More Dates Outside Of New Japan

Mercedes Monè is ready to take the IWGP Women’s World Championship on a world tour after defeating KAIRI at Battle in the Valley.

Ahead of New Japan Pro-Wrestling Battle in the Valley, Mercedes Monè sat down with Under The Ring to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked what about Joshi wrestling appeals to her, Monè said it’s a mix of realism and athleticism that captured her attention.

“I think it’s just the realism that comes from it. It feels like a real legit fight and sport,” Mercedes Monè said. “In the United States, it’s really about the entertainment aspect, but in Japan, it’s about that athleticism and the sport of wanting to beat your opponent. To be there at Wrestle Kingdom, I actually got to be at Pro Wrestling NOAH for Nakamura and Great Muta’s match and to hear the crowd and just to hear the different receptions of how their energy is presented to when they watch wrestling.

“It’s so just magnifying where I’m just like, that’s what I want to hear. That’s what I want to experience. It’s just timeless, and they’re just so transformed into watching and to feeling it instead of just being overall untamed. They’re just like, wow, they just treat it with so much respect that I’m just like, I can’t wait to perform in April in Tokyo.”

When asked if she has any additional plans outside of wrestling in Japan, Monè teased that she’s going on a world tour with the IWGP Women’s World Championship after this weekend and will be willing to join up with any company that offers her the right bag.

“Well, like I said, At the press conference at Wrestle Kingdom, I’m on my world tour,” Mercedes Monè said. “I think after tomorrow night, when I successfully beat KAIRI, and I become the IWGP New Japan Women’s Champion. I plan to take that title absolutely everywhere all over the world. So New Japan won’t be the only place that I’ll be wrestling. I plan to make this global and join any company that has the right bag for Mercedes Monè.”

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What do you make of Mercedes Monè’s comments? What wrestling company would you like to see her show up at next during her world tour? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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