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Kenny Omega Confirms Reason For AEW Fight Forever Delay

Kenny Omega believes AEW Fight Forever is getting back on track after various issues securing a Teen rating with the ESRB.

The Cleaner Kenny Omega was a recent guest on the Swerve City Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the status of AEW Fight Forever, Omega confirmed our original report that issues with the ESRB in order to secure a Teen rating have held back the game’s release.

“Yeah. I’m not sure how much we had to scale it back, but man, I freakin loved it,” Kenny Omega said. “You could make the ring looks like a murder scene if you wanted to. I just hope that there’s still some way to get a semblance of that. I hope we didn’t have to dumb it down too much. It was fun, man. It’s just what we get every week on TV anyway, you know? It could get gory, but it’s like, no one’s getting dismembered. No one’s dying. I mean, maybe it could look that way if you beat someone up that bad. But again, there are a lot of things we haven’t shown in the game yet.”

When asked to talk more about the game, Omega confirmed that the game is definitely not a simulation because no one is going to be able to do that better than Fire Pro and they wanted to do something different that mixes the worlds of Yuke’s and AKI.

“I mean, what I will say is that this game is not a wrestling simulator. And I’m sure I’ve said that at some point. I looked at other wrestling simulator games and like I know people love them and there’s absolutely a place for them. But I feel like if we go the simulation route, no one’s ever going to do better than FirePro because they’ve had decades and decades and decades of practice doing that and they have the system all implemented.

“So what Yuke’s does best is to have that arcade style of wrestling and what our guys do best is the animation the guys from the AKI projects from way back when doing the Virtual Pro Wrestling and No Mercy and WrestleMania 2000. So having those guys love to cook up some of the animations to correct some of the old animations and to kind of seminar the Yuke’s people into how they go about doing their stuff rather than mo-cap but taking the point articulation or whatever, the elbow moves this way the fingers move this way to show the generation of movement, the velocity of force.

“It’s kind of an ongoing process. So it does suck that yes, the rating has held us back a little bit because we really, really wanted to get out. The longer the time goes by this finished product we have of the game is just going to be a little dated, right? I mean, this time Sure. A lot of the same people are gonna be there a lot of people are there, but some aren’t. And then you’re gonna wonder why I’ve seen this guy on TV for weeks and weeks and weeks now why isn’t he in the game?

“Well, it’s because the game has been done, but we’ve had to try to get our game in a position to be rated so that we can sell it. So now I can positively say that we’re headed back in a right direction. But again, the fun and zany stuff that I was able to implement I hope people have fun with it. I think that the game really shines when you do the crazy stuff. But also, if you want again, much like AEW, if you want to have just like a serious bare-bones wrestling match. You can definitely wrestle the way that you want to, and it will look that way. But if you want to do crazy stuff if you want to have — if you want to ride around on the skateboard and do a drop kick on somebody, you can do it. There’s a lot of fun stuff like that implemented.”

Swerve mentioned he’d love to have an AEW bowling mode, and Omega took the opportunity to confirm a Home Run Derby mode that we’ve seen briefly in previous trailers.

“Yeah. I mean, you’re gonna get the Home Run Derby. You’re gonna get all that stuff,” Kenny Omega said. “There’s a lot of fun stuff. We’re gonna actually have a — I was just having a chat with some of the folks today, and we’re going to roll out with some more details and some more footage, thankfully. So I really feel that people deserve a deeper look at what’s been ready for a while. So yeah, hopefully, some of the fun stuff that I’m talking about can actually be seen in its zaniest, hopefully. So, like even just like being able to pour thumbtacks on anything in the game, it’s fun to me.”

The Cleaner then went on to talk about the craziness of all the weapons physics in the game and teased that with the ERSB rating issues finally behind them that we should start seeing more about the game very soon.

“Every kind of unique weapon has to have its own unique set of physics too,” Kenny Omega said. “So, of course, that’s a challenge like if you have a chair great you have a chair, but that doesn’t mean the chair reacts the same way a ladder does, you know what I mean? You have to go back to the drawing board to program how it is that you can interact with the ladder, how you can interact with the table.

“Things are on fire maybe, a wet floor sign, a garbage can. There are different things you can do with all those items. So getting those kind of glitch-free or as glitch-free as possible. I know fans out there they’re gonna they’re gonna have a heyday trying to find all the funny stuff they can, and I know they’re gonna find it everyone always finds glitches in everything. And I’ll laugh. But I would expect to very soon start to see some new information and video of course.”

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