WWE Elimination Chamber: Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn Result

Sami Zayn stepped into a hometown main event with his eyes on the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Unfortunately, he once again fell victim to The Tribal Chief.

In the main event tonight, Zayn and Reigns put on a classic show for the Montreal audience. From the very beginning, Reigns looked to dominate Zayn, but the superstar held his own. Toward the end of the match, after a referee had been knocked out, Zayn pinned Reigns after a Helluva Kick, but no one was there to count. Afterward, Jimmy Uso shocked the crowd by coming down and delivering a series of superkicks to Zayn, but that somehow wasn’t enough for Reigns to win.

Later in the match, the second referee got knocked out and Reigns called for a chair from Paul Heyman. When Reigns went to lay into Zayn, however, he came face-to-face with Jey Uso, who stood in between Reigns and Zayn. Reigns gave the chair to Jey for him to attack Zayn, but an emotional Uso couldn’t do it, and inadvertently caught a spear by Zayn in the process. Eventually, things came to an end when Reigns assaulted Zayn with the chair and hit a huge spear before a ref came down and counted to three.

After the match, Jimmy began attacking Zayn, before Kevin Owens’ music hits. Owens walks to the ring and attacked Jimmy, before getting into the ring and hitting a Stunner on Reigns and Jimmy, and Paul Heyman. With Reigns thrown into the corner, Zayn then hit a Helluva Kick to the champion before Owens and Zayn stared each other down as Owens walked out of the ring, leaving Zayn to himself in the ring.

For a full recap of how the match came to an end, check out below courtesy of our live, play-by-play coverage:

Zayn tries his patented rope dive DDT, but Reigns decks him in mid-air. Reigns tries to Spear Zayn through the barricade, but Zayn moves. Reigns crashes through the barricade. Zayn sends Reigns back into the ring and finally hits the blue thunder bomb. Reigns kicks out again. Reigns drives Zayn into the referee. Zayn lands another Helluva Kick, but there is no referee. Jimmy Uso runs down to the ring and superkicks Zayn three times. Uso Splash by Jimmy. Jimmy drags Reigns on top of Zayn. A new referee runs down to the ring. Zayn kicks out. Reigns badmouths Zayn. Zayn avoids a Superman Punch. Reign almost hits the referee. Jimmy gets back on the apron, Zayn boots Jimmy off the apron. Zayn turns around and gets Speared by Reigns.

Zayn kicks out! Reigns yells at Zayn, telling him to stay down. Reigns slaps Zayn over and over again. Reigns accidentally Superman Punches the referee. Zayn Superman Punches Reigns. Reigns Superman Punches Zayn. Heyman hands Reigns a chair. Jey Uso hops the barricade and gets in the ring. Reigns and Jey go face-to-face. Jey glares at Zayn. Reigns holds out the chair for Jey to take. The crowd chants, “no!” Jey takes the chair and stands as if he’s going to hit Reigns. Reigns tells Jey he’s wasting his time and takes the chair back. Reigns mushes Jey. Zayn tries to Spear Reigns, but he moves. Zayn almost cuts Jey in half with a Spear. Reigns hits Zayn with the chair. Spear by Reigns. Reigns pins Zayn.

Winner and STILL Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns!

After the match, Jimmy attacks Zayn. Kevin Owens music hits. Owens walks to the ring. Jimmy tries to cut him off but gets quickly dispatched. Owens Stuns Reigns and Jimmy. Heyman gets in the ring and “attacks” Owens from behind. Owens turns around and drops Heyman with a Stunner. Reigns gets to his feet. Owens turns to Zayn. Owens moves out of the way so Zayn can Helluva Kick Reigns. Owens walks away as Zayn stares him down.

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