Jay White
Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Eddie Kingston Defeats Jay White At ‘Battle In The Valley’, White Must Leave New Japan Pro-Wrestling

Jay White just had his New Japan wrestling career end at the hands of Eddie Kingston.

Kingston beat White at New Japan’s Battle For The Valley on Saturday. The final moments of the match saw Kingston hit a spinning back fist and a Northern Lights driver, but only got a two-count. Kingston lifted White back up and hit another driver, this time securing the win.

Per the stipulation laid out for the match, Jay White must now leave New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

After the loss, the crowd chanted ‘Thank You Jay’ at White as he pulled himself to his feet. White took a mic and went to speak, but David Finlay appeared behind him and decked him with a shillelagh. Finlay said that White had this company by the balls, but he let it go. For years, Finlay wanted what White had and he believed he would kill for it. Finlay says fuck Jay White’s era, going on a tirade on California and Japan, noting that he doesn’t wrestle just for a company. The crowd chanted ‘shut the fuck up’ at him, but Finlay told them they could shut the fuck up. Finlay said they called him a gaijin, but he’s a fourth-generation wrestler. He issued a warning for everyone that faced him in the ring, because he’s done waiting.

It has been heavily rumored that White could be WWE-bound in the near future. Fightful Select recently reported that White was expected to leave New Japan since his contract was up soon, and it was believed to run out at some point between the Battle In The Valley event and WrestleMania 39. WWE sources have confirmed interest in White, but any other details about him joining the company have been kept quiet.

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