Mercedes Moné
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Mercedes Monè Wins IWGP Women’s Championship At NJPW Battle In The Valley

AND NEW — Mercedes Monè is the new IWGP Women’s Champion.

Mercedes Monè beat Kairi to win the title at NJPW Battle In The Valley on Saturday night.

The final moments of the match saw Kairi accidentally hit the referee with the Cutlass after Mercedes pulled him in the way. Mercedes begged Kairi off, but Kairi went on the attack and punched her on the ramp. Kairi dove off the ramp but Mercedes caught her and slammed her into a table, then she got a table and set up for a suplex off of an equipment case. Kairi countered and powerbombed her through it, then dragged her in the ring and went for an Insane Elbow. Mercedes kicked Kairi on the way down, then went up top and attempted a Frog Splash. Kairi got her knees up and applied a crossface, but Mercedes escaped after biting Kairi’s hand. Mercedes picks Kairi and hits the Money Maker for the win.

After the bell, Mercedes accepted her title and asked Kairi for a handshake. Kairi accepted and hugged her before putting the title around her waist.

Kairi was the inaugural and only IWGP Women’s Champion to date, as the title was only announced in July 2022. Kairi won the title at November 2022’s Historic X-Over event in Tokyo, Japan, holding the title for 90 days.

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