Mercedes Moné
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Mercedes Moné Comments On IWGP Title Win At ‘Battle In The Valley’

Mercedes Moné is changing the game.

Shortly after her IWGP Women’s Championship win at New Japan’s Battle In The Valley event, Mercedes Moné spoke with FITE’s Emily Mae Heller about what the title win meant to her. Mercedes said she’s been nervous all weekend but she realized her dream on Saturday, and it’s just the beginning.

“I feel like I could throw up. I felt like I was about to throw up before my match. I threw up before the press conference because I was so, so nervous because this is everything I want. This is everything that I’ve been working for since I was ten years old. The dream to go to Japan, the dream to wrestle the best,” she stated. “Tonight I beat the best.

“Kairi gave me the absolute fight of my life. I mean, she snatched me pretty much bald. You exposed my hair, girl! You almost snatched this wig off, you snatched all my nails off on my left hand. You about smacked my face off,” Mercedes explained, “but I never gave up because I am not a quitter. I am a money maker. I am Mercedes Moné and I’m about to put the IWGP Women’s Championship on the map. I’m about to take this title global. New Japan Pro-Wrestling, this is only just the beginning because Moné changes everything.”

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