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Sean Waltman On Legends Appearances: I Want To Uplift Talent Instead Of Leaving Them Laying, That’s How It Should Be

Sean Waltman reflects on his recent appearance on WWE RAW.

During a recent interview with Graham Matthews for FanSided Daily DDT, Sean Waltman spoke about being in a position to help talent instead of burying them during the legends’ reunion segments he’s been part of. RAW Is XXX saw Waltman appear with DX and they interacted with Imperium, but put the group over as a threat instead of belittling them.

“Yeah it was [fun]. That’s how we should be doing it when we show up, coming in like that and leaving the next day,” Waltman said. “Come in and help uplift the talent, instead of leaving them all laying just for our little bit of personal glory.”

Waltman also spoke about Kurt Angle being included in the segment and called him a “treasure”.

Waltman made his most recent appearance with DX, but he will be featured on the Season 3 premiere of A&E’s Biography: WWE Legends on Sunday, February 19 as a member of the nWo. Waltman has the rare distinction of being in both groups, and he spoke about the reception he still gets from fans.

“It’s really a toss-up,” Waltman added. “These days, obviously, when I’m in some of the cities that are down south, a lot of people show up with nWo stuff. But it’s really — you never know, man. I’ll do an appearance and I’ll wear my DX [gear] and half the people will come with nWo stuff and I’ll feel bad. If I have two shows, I’ll wear [DX] for one and [nWo] for the other. I can think of worse problems to have.”

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