Scott Hall
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Sean Waltman: Scott Hall Was In A League Of His Own, Very Few Could Match His Brilliance

Sean Waltman reflects on the impact Scott Hall had on his life and the professional wrestling business.

During a recent interview with Graham Matthews for FanSided Daily DDT, Sean Waltman spoke about his memories of Scott Hall. Waltman said Hall never got a chance to be part of the new A&E’s Biography: WWE Legends episode on the nWo, and he said he still thinks about him daily.

“The project started out before he passed away, they just never got a chance to sit down with Scott. It’s been several months, it’s been going on for a while actually. I guess — we all miss Scott, he’s our best friend. Scott, Kev, Shawn, Paul and myself, we knew how brilliant Scott was while he was here but now that he’s gone and looking back, he was almost in a league of his own. Very few up there in his league as far as his brilliance. I miss him a lot. I think about him every day.”

Waltman also spoke about his 2002 run as X-Pac in WWE and how the nWo was revived in the company. Waltman got a program with a newly-babyface Hulk Hogan and the group saw Kevin Nash, Big Show, Booker T, and Shawn Michaels join the ranks. He says it was a good group, but it couldn’t match the original incarnation.

“I think if you don’t compare it to the original nWo run, I think it was good. There’s no way of not comparing it because of the original nWo kicking all that off, nWo ran through anyone and everyone for quite a while to build, to get the heat they had and build up that much steam. It just wasn’t going to happen in WWE. We weren’t running through everyone. It was just different. There was issues, like Kev got hurt, Scott had his issues and it kinda fell apart. It was great for me because I had a bit of a lull in my career and I was out with an injury. I came right back into that spot, that nWo spot, when Hulk turned babyface. I came out and hit him with the chair and he’s bleeding like a pig. So that was great for me. I had a nice little main event run, main events on all the house shows, I made some good money. My last matches were on top around then, so I’m grateful for it. I understand it’s not in the light of that original nWo run is though, and I totally get it.”

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