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Tony Khan Won’t Try To Stuff Too Much Into AEW Revolution Match Card

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Tony Khan says the Iron Man match will cause him to use caution in how many matches ultimately end up on the AEW Revolution match card.


Baby Huey of the In The Kliq podcast recently welcomed Tony Khan to his show and the pair discussed the AEW Revolution pay-per-view coming to San Francisco on March 5. Huey noted how AEW pay-per-views have seen lengthier match counts recently and asked if the Iron Man match would cause the rest of the card to be trimmed down.

Khan said he does believe Revolution will see fewer matches but noted that they will still be the same high-quality fans have come to expect from AEW.

“It’s a great question — we’re still working towards Revolution. I think to your point, because there’s a one-hour Iron Man match on the card that there will probably be a little bit less matches than there normally might be, but also, there will be a lot of quality and the highest quality because Revolution is always one of our best shows. So I won’t try to stuff too much into the card,” Khan said. “You’re going to get a lot of matches, a lot of great matches. It’ll probably be a little bit different than our other shows because we’ve never had anything like this, where you knew the main event was going to go one hour in this huge Iron Man match coming up [on] March 5 at Revolution.”

AEW had a single-digit match count for many events during its first few years. Double Or Nothing, Fyter Fest and Fight For The Fallen all had nine matches in 2019, while the original Full Gear event had eight.

Revolution 2022 was the first AEW PPV to feature 10+ matches, as that show had 12 bouts on the show (including the pre-show). Since then Double Or Nothing, Forbidden Door and Full Gear 2022 all had 13, while All Out 2022 had the highest so far with 15 matches.

As of press time, four matches are confirmed for the AEW Revolution 2023 match card, including the 60-Minute Iron Man between MJF and Bryan Danielson for the AEW World Championship.

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