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Lio Rush Thinks His Current Path Could Lead Him Back To WWE

Lio Rush discusses a potential WWE return.

At the young age of 28, Lio Rush already has nearly a decade of experience competing in Ring of Honor, WWE, AEW, MLW, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. It’s been three years since Rush was released from WWE, but “The Man of the Hour” doesn’t appear to think that chapter is completely closed. Rush recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet on Insight about where he’s at in life right now.


“I think my main goal right now is to just be happy,” Rush said. “It’s not really a wrestling thing or a music thing. I’m just doing things that truly make me happy. Right now, wrestling is making me so happy. My music is making me so happy. Being healthy makes me happy.”

When asked if he thinks his current path will lead him back to WWE, Rush seemed open to the idea.

“I think that it potentially could lead me back to WWE. I think at a certain point it would ultimately be up to whether I want to go that route again or not,” Rush added. “I realize that nothing is forever, so being presented certain opportunities, I truly want to make the most out of them. I want to do my absolute best to make sure there’s no wasted time, no wasted movements, no wasted effort. Every little thing that I do needs to be a building block to a bigger legacy or to continue to do the things I want or creating opportunities for my kids to do the things they want. So spending another three, five, ten years in WWE to build something bigger than me, then I’ll take that.”

Rush stated that he could see himself following a similar path like Drew McIntyre or Cody Rhodes where they left WWE and reinvented themselves before returning to a bigger spot on the card.

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