Cameron Grimes
Credit: WWE

Report: Cameron Grimes Waiting On Creative For WWE Main Roster Call-Up

Former NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes is reportedly in limbo right now, waiting for creative on the WWE main roster.

Grimes was last seen on the November 8 episode of WWE NXT, where he lost to Joe Gacy. It was believed that he’d been called up to the main roster at that point. Although three months later, we haven’t seen him on RAW or SmackDown. So what’s going on with the former Million Dollar Champion?

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Grimes hasn’t been seen on WWE NXT because despite being called up to the main roster, there isn’t any creative set for him yet.

“Cameron Grimes was finishing up in NXT because he was being called to the main roster and right now what’s going on is that they are waiting for an idea on the main roster so he’s in limbo,” Dave Meltzer said. “He’s finished with NXT, he’s supposed to be on the main roster but they don’t have a story for him so they haven’t debuted him yet and they’re waiting to come up with a story for him.”

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What do you make of this Cameron Grimes’ news? Do you think WWE should call anyone up to the main roster without a plan first? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.