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Action Andretti Ate Some Very Good Pizza After Defeating Chris Jericho

What would you do if you beat Chris Jericho in your AEW Dynamite debut? Action Andretti had some pretty good pizza.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Action Andretti was the latest guest on AEW Unrestricted with Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked how it felt to get the upset victory over Chris Jericho that night, Andretti spoke about how great it felt to have the locker room going crazy for his match and subsequent victory.


“Yeah, you know when you have the boys and the girls in the back in the locker room going crazy that you’re doing something good out there,” Action Andretti said. “Even after coming to the back and seeing them all and having so many people approach me, and I said it before, I came to the back, and they all just gave me a standing ovation as I walked through the back, and people were there who I’m a really big fan of and to see them give me that praise and give me that love. It felt so good. And it was so cool to see. Let’s go, jobber!”

When asked if he did anything to celebrate that night, Andretti mentioned he had some really good pepperoni pizza. He also called his family and shared the moment with his mother, who flew down for the show ahead of time.

“I ate some really good pizza that night,” Action Andretti said. “Celebrating with some pizza with some pepperoni on it. No, I mean, right after I called my family. They were all so proud of me. My mom was actually there; she flew out to Texas. She was there, so she got to see it live, and she was a very proud, very emotional mom at that point. She had no idea either. None of us did. But it was cool to be able to have my family be able to see me on TV and my mom to be there live to see it and just hear and see the reaction after; it was really cool. So that was my celebration.”

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