Joe Hendry IMPACT No Surrender
Image Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Joe Hendry Uses A VR Headset, Other Weapons To Beat Moose At IMPACT No Surrender

Joe Hendry used everything but the kitchen sink to beat Moose.

At IMPACT No Surrender on February 24, Hendry defended the IMPACT Digital Media Championship against Moose in a Dot Combat Match. The bout featured plenty of weapons, included two remote-control cars, a Sega Dreamcast, and a VR headset. Hendry put the headset on Moose, and the video screen showed that Moose saw a nightclub with some women. The former world champion started dancing, and the VFR shifted to a new Hendry song that referenced Moose’s failed football career. The match continued, and Moose nearly got the win with a low blow and a powerbomb.

In the end, Hendry rolled Moose him for the win.

Hendry previously beat Moose to retain the title at IMPACT Hard To Kill. Moose initially scored the tainted win by hitting Hendry below the belt, but the debuting Santino Marella, IMPACT’s new Director of Authority, restarted the match, and Hendry then defeated the powerhouse.

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