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MSL: Give Microman A Chance To Win You Over, He Will Blow Your Mind

MSL is excited that MLW Underground will give fans another chance to see what makes Microman special.

MLW’s Mister St. Laurent recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard to promote Microman’s debut on MLW Underground. Major League Wrestling will present its fourth episode of the series on REELZ, and MSL says Microman is going to blow people’s minds.

“Now that we’re on REELZ, the MLW Underground fan base is growing week by week; just hit 139,000 viewers on Tuesday for Underground and this upcoming Tuesday. It’s the debut of Microman on REELZ. I think for longtime MLW fans, of course, people already love Microman and know what he brings to the table. [He’s] three feet tall, 62 pounds, an incredible athlete, second-generation wrestler, best pound-for-pound wrestler in the sport,” MSL said, “but I think for people who are now just discovering MLW, which obviously there’s a lot of new fans hopping on board now that we’re on REELZ. I anticipate on Tuesday that they will have their minds blown.”

One reason Microman has been so well-received is that he’s been presented as an athlete first instead of a comedy act. MSL says that Microman has been welcomed by MLW fans so far and hopes more people will continue to give him a chance to surprise them.

“Now that he and I have spent almost a year and a half on the road together with not being able to exchange a single word between each other, the genuine bond that we have is very unique because we have not communicated verbally in any way even once and he goes from this undiscovered kid from Mexico, has no idea what he’s walking into. And the public just instantly fell in love with him. And you can’t see the look on his face because he’s got a mask, but you can’t see his demeanor in the ring. The demeanor in the back,” MSL explained. “This is a kid living his dream. Every city he walks into, every single person is on their feet, chanting Microman, out of my now God, I don’t want to date myself here, but 25 years in the industry it’s one of the most special things I’ve ever seen. So I couldn’t be more pleased with how this has all turned out.

“There were certainly skeptics,” he noted. “I build this big search, and I finally give my reveal. And there were people that thought, Is this a joke? And so, credit to his athletic ability to prove those naysayers wrong. Make me not look like an idiot in the end, which I easily could have with all that hype, and then out walks a three-foot wrestler. So, you know, I think there’s certainly some internet fans who are skeptical. They take their wrestling very seriously. And they should, as do I, as I’m sure you do. And give this kid a chance to win you over. There is nobody that works harder than him, trains harder than him, wants to live this dream more than he does. And he puts in the work, and every single time I see a Microman match, he pulls out something new that blows my mind.”

The third episode’s 139,000 viewers is the largest audience total so far. Asked how MLW can keep growing momentum each week, MSL said offers a lot of great content that can be seen by a bigger audience now.

“Well, I think Tuesdays at 10 o’clock, you have people that are watching NXT before us, and then why stop the party at 10? Just switch on over to REELZ and keep the wrestling going for another hour. I think it’s important to have alternative products out there. And I know for me when I was younger on Mondays and flipping back and forth between TNT and USA when I was a kid. It was exciting to sit down for a long block of wrestling and have different options. But I think for the fans that are new to MLW, the fact that our show is only one hour,” he noted, “It’s so action-packed. They’re discovering all these new great athletes and personalities they weren’t familiar with.

“You can see the feedback on social media, and people are excited. I think for people that have been on the MLW train for a while, the deal with REELZ is a form of validation for them. You’ve had a lot of fans that felt like, hey, MLW is the best-kept secret in wrestling. They’ve got an incredible roster, and they just need more exposure. So now that we’ve got that, things are really rolling. We’re obviously excited,” MSL said. “But I think the most important thing is to keep delivering great matches every week. So this Tuesday, Microman is going to be teaming with Lince Dorado against Delirious and Abismo Negro; I expect it to be a banger, and we just have to keep delivering the big-time matches.”

MLW Underground airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on REELZ; check out our full interview with MSL at the top of this post.

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