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Ric Flair Made Nearly $700,000 On Cameo, Explains Why WWE And AEW Won’t Hire Him

Ric Flair believes that WWE and AEW don’t want to hire him for an on-air role, but he seems to be doing well getting paid for his speaking skills.

On the latest episode of Flair’s To Be The Man… podcast, Ric Flair and Conrad Thompson spoke about Flair’s lack of an on-air role for a wrestling company. Thompson read a fan question that asked if Flair would take a role with WWE, AEW or IMPACT Wrestling if they offered him a job as a manager. Flair said he was open to some of those options, but he didn’t feel like the feelings would be reciprocated.

“Absolutely, from AEW or WWE. But they won’t [make me an offer],” Flair said.

Thompson asked why they wouldn’t hire him. Flair laughed and said it was because he was too good at what he does.

“Umm… [laughs] Truthfully? Because I’m too good at what I do. Even at my age. Trust me — I’m not talking about being a producer, not being a writer,” Flair explained. “I’m talking about if they give me a microphone and let me have at it, you tell me.”

To back up his comments about being a great talker, Flair then said he’s made $700,000 doing Cameo requests. Flair then showed a screenshot of his Cameo account, revealing his all-time total income for the site came in at $669,861.71.

“And that’s just talking for two minutes,” Flair quipped.

Thompson joked about speculation that Flair did the ‘Last Match’ event because he was broke. Flair said the total earnings from Cameo were only during a 21-month period.

“If I can talk to somebody I don’t know, much less a TV camera,” Flair added.

A personal video from Flair’s Cameo page costs $500, with other options for business videos and live calls. Flair has not worked for AEW and he last appeared for WWE as a regular on-screen talent in February 2021. Flair requested his release from WWE and had it granted in August 2021.

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