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Davey Boy Smith Jr. Discusses Potential WWE Return

Davey Boy Smith Jr. discussed whether he would return to WWE.

Smith Jr. signed a developmental deal with WWE in 2006 and spent the next several years with the company. He was memorably featured as a member of The Hart Dynasty alongside Tyson Kidd and Natalya. Kidd and Smith Jr. won the WWE Tag Team Championship and the World Tag Team Championship. WWE released Smith Jr. in 2011.

Over the next few years, he competed for NJPW, Pro Wrestling NOAH, and MLW, among other companies. Smith signed with WWE in July 2021 after he worked a dark match, but he never re-debuted on TV, as he was released in a wave of cuts in November that same year. Since then, he has wrestled for NWA and MLW.

In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp for Fightful, Smith Jr. was asked to describe what he would say if WWE called and tried to bring him back. He responded by stating that WWE would likely offer the highest guaranteed contracts in the business right now, so he might accept an offer for the right money. Smith Jr. made it clear that, aside from the money, he “couldn’t give two sh–s” about returning to WWE otherwise.

“I don’t know, that’s a good question. They’re probably gonna offer the highest guaranteed contracts right now, so it would just be for the money. I would just say, that’s all it would be. I couldn’t give two sh—s about being there otherwise. It’d just be for the money. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really watch the product anymore or anything, so if it was for [the right] money, sure. But otherwise, no. I wouldn’t have [any] interest in that.

When asked whether WWE presented creative for his last run, Smith Jr. recalled how he didn’t know where it was going. He noted that thought his dark matches went well he was in good shape, and he heard a pitch in which he would debut on SmackDown as “The Stampede Stud”, but he was released before he got the chance to do so. Smith Jr. also stated that he wasn’t sure whether he would go back again.

“I didn’t really know where the run was going,” Smith Jr said. “I did good with my two dark matches, and I got myself into really tip-top shape. I was about close to 280 [pounds], lean with abs, and invested a lot of money and time into work with getting meal prepping done and all that sort of stuff. The last thing I had heard was, the idea was for me to debut on a SmackDown as the Stampede Stud. I kinda dug the name. I was like, hey, I’ll try to work with it. I’m not gonna go against the tide on this one.

“I was positive about things, and then it was just out of nowhere, I got… supposed budget cuts, even though the company still grossed one of its highest years financially. So that just tells me that they’re looking to sell it, so whatever. It was what is was, and I was happy for the free money. I was disappointed that nothing happened, but as hard as it was, not [drag] me down and take it as it was. Maybe I would go back, maybe not. I’m not pessimistic about it, but I’m kinda unsure about going back there, what that might entail. I don’t know what kind of idea that they would have.”

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