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The Miz Wanted To Drop The WWE Intercontinental Championship To Ultimate Warrior

The Miz recalls an idea he had for a special WrestleMania moment.

In a TikTok, The Miz detailed his pitch in which he would have lost the Intercontinental Championship to the Ultimate Warrior during his memorable run with the title at the end of a grueling gauntlet match. The bout would have marked the end of his quest to beat all former WWE Intercontinental Champions, but he never got to do it.

“My favorite superstar growing up was Ultimate Warrior. I’ve told this story before. I used to put face paint on, streamers on my arms and run around the house like I was the Ultimate Warrior cutting promos. ‘I am the Ultimate Warrior.’ This is actually an idea I had [that] I really, really, really wanted to do, but I just couldn’t make it happen. So I was Intercontinental champion, I wanted to make the title relevant and prestigious. I wanted to defeat every former Intercontinental Champion because I wanted to be known as the best Intercontinental Champion, and I thought there would be some pretty great matches. So we time progressed, I was noticing that I’d beaten a lot of the Intercontinental Champions, and WrestleMania was coming up.

“So I had this idea where I wanted a gauntlet lumberjack match, and the reason I wanted it to be a gauntlet lumberjack match was because the entrances would have been too long, and it would have taken up too much time to do a traditional gauntlet. So everyone in the gauntlet would be by ringside as a lumberjack, and it would be four different former Intercontinental Champions, and one in the ring. I would have to go through a gauntlet match, defeating all of them. I would do that successfully, say WrestleMania, and in the end, when I defeated the last person in that gauntlet lumberjack match, what would happen? Ultimate Warrior’s music would hit, and he would be the last person in the gauntlet match. He would run down, hit me with three clotheslines, do a splash, and one-two-three, and beat me for the Intercontinental Championship. I thought that would have been really, really cool. But it never got to happen.”

The Ultimate Warrior passed away on April 8, 2014, the day after he appeared on WWE RAW following his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Miz remains a member of the WWE roster; he continues to perform on WWE RAW. He won the WWE Championship for the second time in 2021 and lost it to Bobby Lashley.

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