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Ricky Starks: Chris Jericho Is Vital To The AEW Roster

Despite currently feuding with him, Ricky Starks admits that Chris Jericho is an integral player in All Elite Wrestling.

After defeating “The Ocho” at AEW Revolution on Sunday, Ricky Starks spoke at the post-show media scrum about some things he’d learned from the 30-year veteran. Starks revealed there have been a few things he’s absorbed from the “masterful type of conductor.” Perhaps the biggest lesson, though, was doing the right things at the right moment.

“I’m a big believer — and I’ve talked about this heavy in interviews I’ve done about the people that I want to wrestle here. I’ve mentioned Kenny [Omega], I’ve mentioned [CM] Punk. I mentioned all of these people with the experience because iron sharpens iron. To wrestle Chris Jericho, that is iron sharpening iron,” Starks said.

Through working with Jericho — and conquering him not once, but twice — Starks believes he’s improved his overall skillset. “I think, coming out of this, I am a better performer, I’m a better entertainer, after all of this. Not to say that I wasn’t before, but to add just a little bit of some extra flair to a well-seasoned meat that is me, I think that worked out as perfectly as it could.”

“Chris is a legend in this business,” Starks continued. “I don’t think y’all realize how old Chris is. I’m not saying that in a negative way, but I’m saying it to say he’s been doing this for a very long time. To have him on the roster is a very vital thing for people such as myself, who are hungry, who don’t want to sit in catering and have to just wait for the next thing. That is what I have always wanted since I’ve been here. I had it with Sting, didn’t get it for a bit, now I got Chris. There’s more to it from that. So, Chris is a very, very special type of talent. I will give him that.”

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