Fight Life Wrestling Now Exclusively On FITE+

FITE is bringing the Fight Life to its lineup.

FITE announced that Rhode Island-based Fight Life Wrestling will now exclusively air on FITE+. Fight Life is the first New England area promotion to “benefit from FITE+’s global reach, value for fans, and ease of use.”

“For years I have watched some of my favorite indy wrestling, boxing, and MMA events on FITE and have genuinely become a fan of the service and promotions involved. Thanks to this new partnership, Fight Life will be available on any device, smart tv, etc., and will reach a global combat sports audience!” said Fight Life founder Frankie Sbacchis. “I am so honored to be the only New England-based promotion currently on the service. I truly feel we have the best scene in the world right now and am so excited to represent NE on FITE.”

Fight Life star Speedball Mike Bailey said, “Fight Life is an excellent example of how to present independent wrestling in 2023. The shows are fast paced, action packed, and focused on building up local talent in front of a homegrown audience that is always sent home wanting more.”

“I’ve seen every kind of wrestling promotion in my career – from the ones that fill arenas to the kind that barely fill a backyard,” said Michael Weber, COO of FITE. “But all the ones that make it have the kind of guts and heart that Fight Life has. We’re proud to spread their tough East Coast style of wrestling to the world”

The Fight Life library on FITE will include live events and the promotion’s archived content on demand. The first live event, Fight Life 9, will air on March 15th. That event will feature 8 World Championship Tournament Qualifier matches and an advertised lineup featuring the following names:

  • Speedball Mike Bailey, Masha Slamovich, JT Dunn, Mike Graca, Paris Van Dale, Alec Price, Veda Scott, Miracle Generation’s Dustin Waller + Kylon King & more.

FITE+ began premiering Fight Life’s historic first 8 events on demand during a soft launch period starting on March 1st. The next archived event, Fight Life 5, is set to premiere on March 10 at 7 pm EST. Click here for the full schedule of events leading up to the Fight Life 9 premiere.

Join FITE+ now and start watching Fight LIfe wrestling immediately for only $7.99 monthly and $69.99 yearly.