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WWE NXT Roadblock Results (3/7/23)

WWE NXT Roadblock Results

March 7, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for

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Jailhouse Street Fight!: Dijak vs. Tony D’Angelo w/Stacks

As soon as the bell rings, Dijak hits Stacks with a nightstick. D’Angelo sends Dijak over the top. D’Angelo slams Dijak on the nightstick. Dijak manages to fight off D’Angelo as he tries to close the jail cell cage door. Dijak tosses a chair at D’Angelo. D’Angelo ducks, and it hits Stacks. Dijak hits High Justice on a chair. Dijack must get D’Angelo to the jail cell and lock it to win, so there’s no pin. Dijak tosses a bunch of chairs in the ring. As he mounts the top rope, D’Angelo cuts him off. Suplex off the top by D’Angelo.

After the break, Dijak puts D’Angelo through a table with a diving elbow drop. Dijak tries to send D’Angelo into the jail cell, but Dijak grabs Stacks and uses him as a shield. Dijak sends Stacks into the crowd with a cyclone boot. Dijak low blows D’Angelo. Feast your Eyes by Dijak. Stacks dives in front of the door to stop Dijak from winning. D’Angelo hits Dijak with the nightstick multiple times before shutting the door.

Winner- Tony D’Angelo

Bron Breakker and The Creed Brothers vs. Indus Sher and Jinder Mahal

As soon as Mahal and Indus Sher get in the ring, a brawl breaks out. The fight spills out of the ring. Sanga takes out both Creeds. As the match settles down, Breakker takes control. Julius gets on the apron and makes the tag. Breakker sends Mahaan into a suplex by Julius. Breakker and the Creed clear the ring. All three men land dives on Mahal and Indus Sher. After the break, Mahal and Co are in control. Julius manages to tag in Brutus. Brutus lands a flurry of offense.

Mahan stops him with a flying body block. Carmelo Hayes is at the commentary desk to watch the NXT Champion Breakker. Breakker lands a moonsault. Julius follows that with a 450 splash on Sanga. Mahaan breaks up the pin. Sanga and Mahaan hit their finish on Julius. Breakker breaks up the pin. Chokeslam by Sanga. Sanga tosses Julius into Mahaan’s million Dollar arm. Julius kicks out. Breakker Spears Mahal and Sanga. The Creeds hit the doomsday butterball for the win.

Winners- Bron Breakker and The Creed Brothers

The Grayson Waller Effect

Waller introduces his guest, Shawn Michaels. Waller says he would be freaking out if he was his eight-year-old self. But if he could talk to his former self, he would tell him HBK isn’t worth it. Don’t be a Shawn guy, be a Bret guy. HBK says they used to have a great relationship, but now Waller hates him. HBK wants to know why. Waller says HBK is holding him back as Vince McMahon did to HBK years ago.

HBK says he isn’t holding him back. Waller isn’t the guy because he lost to Bron Breakker. Waller says HBK is only in charge because HHH had a heart attack. HBK says Waller isn’t wrong, but he’s the one steering the ship right now. Waller says he is NXT. HBK says that’s Waller’s problem, he thinks he is bigger than the brand. No one is. We are NXT isn’t just a slogan. Waller says he’s sick of NXT. HBK cuts Waller off and says enough.

HBK says Waller can say what he wants about him, but he will not stand for him running this brand into the ground. Waller challenges HBK to a match at Stand and Deliver. HBK takes off his jacket. HBK says Waller will have a match at Stand and Deliver, but it will be with someone who wants to beat his ass more than he does. Johnny Gargano’s music hits. Gargano hits the ring and superkicks Waller. Waller slinks away.

Gigi Dolan vs. Jacy Jayne

As soon as the bell rings, Dolan lunges at Jayne. The two fall out of the ring. Jayne begs off. Dolan follows. Jayne boots Dolan in the face. After the break, Jayne is working over Dolan. Jayne tries a suplex, but Dolan reverses it into a small package. Jayne kicks out. Dolan hits the ropes and runs into a neck breaker. Dolan kicks out. Cobra Twist Bomb by Dolan. Dolan pins Jayne.

Winner- Gigi Dolan

After the match, Jayne attacks Dolan from behind. Jayne wraps a chair around Dolan’s neck. Before Jayne jumps off the top on the chair, referees hit the ring and hold her back.

Bron Breakker walks out to the ring and grabs a mic. Breakker said he was supposed to say this next week, but it’s time. Breakker asks Carmelo Hayes to come to the ring. Hayes walks out and says he agrees with Breakker, it’s time. Hayes tells Breakker to put the NXT Championship on the line, and he’ll see him at Stand in Deliver. Breakker agrees.

Joe Gacy w/Scisim vs. Andre Chase w/Thea Hail and Duke Hudson

Gacy controls much of the match. Chase manages to hit a sunset bomb off the top. Outside the ring, Hail pumps herself up and finally confronts Ava Rayne. Hail yells at Rayne. Chase gives her a high five for concurring her fears. Chase turns around and gets hit with The Upside Down by Gacy. Gacy pins Chase.

Winner- Joe Gacy

Backstage, Hudson loses it on Chase. Hudson says Chase is a loser, and so is Chase U. Hudson storms off.

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Meiko Satomura

Perez and Satomura trade submission and pin attempts. After the break, Satomura works over Perez. Modified Straitjacket choke by Satomura. Perez reverses it into a pin. Satomura kicks out. Perez sends Satomura out of the ring. Perez tries diving, but Satomura cuts her off with a stiff elbow. Satomura works over Perez’s knee. Perez counters into a crossface. Satomura escapes. Satomura unloads on Perez with slap after slap. Perez Fires up and lands a flurry of offense. Satomura counters Perez’ Russian leg sweep with a facebuster.

Satomura misses Scorpion Rising. Low dropkick by Perez. Satomura falls out of the ring. Suicide dive by Perez. Perez sets up a super Russian leg sweep. Satomura blocks it. Perez tries a sunset bomb. Satomura hooks the ropes. Satomura blasts Perez with an elbow strike. Perez gets her knees up as Satomura tries a frog splash. Perez blasts Satomura with a right hand. Satomura responds with an overhead kick. Backdrop driver by Satomura. Perez kicks out.

DVD by Satomura. Satomura lands Scorpion Rising. Perez kicks out. The fight spills out of the ring. Perez tries Pop Rox out on the floor. Satomura hooks the apron. Perez slams the back of her head in the process. Satomura hits her ax kick. Perez looks to be out. Satomura sends Perez back into the ring. Satomura tries the ax kick again, but Perez rolls her up for the win.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Roxanne Perez!

After the match, Satomura tries to help Perez up. Perez collapses. The referee calls for help. Referees and support staff hit the ring. Perez isn’t moving. Perez is stretchered out of the arena.

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