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Cody Rhodes Views Sami Zayn’s Popularity As ‘A Great Problem To Have’

Cody Rhodes believes Sami Zayn‘s ever-growing popularity is a great problem to have heading into WrestleMania 39.

By winning the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble, Cody Rhodes solidified his spot in the main event of WrestleMania against Roman Reigns. However, after a near year-long story with The Bloodline, many fans have pitched a case for Sami Zayn to join the championship match as well. As the Road to WrestleMania soon reaches its final destination, the crowd maintains a positive hold on both Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn. Rhodes sees this as a benefit, though.

“I looked at it as a challenge, is probably the best way to look at it and not a negative challenge. A challenge of Sami is doing amazing things. You didn’t just buy yourself some future spot, you’ve got to get back in there and show people exactly what you can do,” Rhodes told Out of Character with Ryan Satin. “What a great problem to have when you have two very strong characters. One of the worst things we can do as a as a community is try and turn the characters against one another”

After seeing Zayn come within an inch of beating Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber, Rhodes revealed it motivated him to step up his game even more. “Sami and I have a real genuine relationship,” he said. “I never looked at it in a sense that I thought anything of, well, if they love him and I’ve been so lucky that they love me in this moment to I better make sure I give them the absolute best, and again, leave no doubt. Never once looked at it as a problem.”

“I looked at it as a challenge and for WWE as a whole, a great problem to have. Brooklyn and every show is a little more telling, but Brooklyn in the Barclays Center, that filled me with confidence as far as their belief in what he’s doing and their belief in what I’m doing. There are stories to be finished here for both sides, and the worst thing you can do is turn those against each other.”

When meeting Zayn inside the ring on the February 13 edition of RAW, Rhodes recalled wanting to wrestle Zayn again. “[I thought], I would love to wrestle this guy because Sami wasn’t sweating me when I was Stardust, and rightfully so. He didn’t need to. He was coming up from in NXT and on a roll. It’s a different person now. So very much, it’s a match that I look forward to when and if it ever happens. With somebody like a Sami Zayn, he’s a next level performer and he’s even more of an elite next level human being.”

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