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Cody Rhodes: Triple H Was Extremely Helpful With Planning My Return From Injury

Cody Rhodes is ready to do the work, but he knows he needed to be coached in one regard.

Rhodes recently appeared on Out of Character with Ryan Satin and spoke about how his own return was compared to Triple H’s return from a quad injury in 2002. Asked if he’s had any talks with Triple H about how they envisioned their respective returns, Rhodes said Triple H has been incredibly helpful in that regard.

“Now, I feel like I don’t know how much I’m supposed to answer because you don’t want to betray your brother’s trust here, you know? Here’s what I can say, that he was extremely helpful with it. I did not know if I wanted to come back as a surprise, which I’d already done at Mania, or if I wanted to make it known that I was coming back. That was an area where I had truly no sense of the temperature,” Rhodes explained. “I really had no sense of — there’s pros, there’s cons, and you can make these pros and cons lists all day long, but I don’t have to make that list because he’s calling the plays. If he’s calling the plays and the play is I want them to know, then I thought that was extremely what was needed for me. I needed to be coached.

“Again, I want to play the game, and he’s the coach and he’s going to put push me in the right directions. But he also linked me with the appropriate people. When I say appropriate people, this is a very anonymous company in a sense that it’s one team, it’s one ship, but I have no problem saying that. Kevin Dunn, Adam Panucci, JB (Jeremy Borash), I’m going to miss a couple names along the line and I don’t mean to,” Rhodes noted, “but this entire team who put together the series of videos or vignettes or whatever you’d like to call them leading back was very transparent with me as to what they let me in on the process of it.”

Cody Rhodes said that this situation gave him something to sink his teeth into while he let his recovery play out. Rhodes noted his injury was far worse than he’d originally thought, but it’s something Triple H was “dead-on” about.

“You mentioned there’s these parallels came coming back at WrestleMania 18. if that’s the case, I’m glad I came back in the best shape of my career. That morning I was at 8.6% body fat, down from 17% body fat,” Rhodes said. “[That] 17% body fat was peak injury down to 8. Under 10 is was always a goal of mine, but to get in the 8’s was amazing. I feel like perhaps I honored that parallel because if you remember when he showed up at WrestleMania 18, oh, [he was] holy shredded, holy smokes. There’s so many fun layers to it because this is the same period of time, I believe, when he’s got the denim under the leather. So, there’s leather, there’s denim, there’s all these layers when you didn’t need a single layer, just looking like a beast.”

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