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AEW Dynamite Results (3/8/23): Two Title Matches And More

In the aftermath of AEW Revolution, All Elite Wrestling delivered a star-studded show with the March 8 episode of AEW Dynamite.

Orange Cassidy defended the AEW All-Atlantic Championship against Jay Lethal, and Wardlow will put the TNT Championship on the line against Powerhouse Hobbs. Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, and other stars also competed.


The results are as follows:

AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Jay Lethal

Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, and Sonjay Dutt are escorted to the back before the match starts. Cassidy and Lethal feel each other out, and the champion takes an early advantage. Cassidy has Lethal scouted, as the two foes are quite familiar with each other. “Freshly Squeezed” dives onto Lethal, who counters it, but the champion still drives his opponent into the ring post. Lethal takes control and taunts the crowd. Lethal drives Cassidy knee-first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Lethal continues to ground Cassidy and target his leg. Cassidy rallies and drops Lethal with a brainbuster.

The champion hits a diving DDT and floors Lethal with another DDT for a two count. Cassidy’s wounded leg gives out, and Lethal traps him in the Figure-Four. Cassidy reaches the ropes to break the hold. Lethal drops Cassidy on his knee and goes for the Figure-Four, but Cassidy rolls him up for a two count. Lethal gets a two count with the Lethal Combination. Cassidy blocks a diving elbow, but Lethal catches him with a cutter for a two count. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but his arm gives out, and Cassidy hits the Orange Punch for the win.

Winner and still AEW All-Atlantic Champion: Orange Cassidy

Lethal goes to attack Cassidy after the bell, but the referee stops him. Jeff Jarrett sneaks up behind Cassidy and drops him with The Stroke. Jarrett smashes his guitar over Cassidy’s knee.

The commentary team brings up Wardlow being the victim of a car-break in and the TNT Championship getting stolen. His opponent, Powerhouse Hobbs, briefly seems sympathetic before he makes it clear that he intends to win the title by defeating Wardlow later in the shiw.

In-Ring Segment: Ricky Starks

Starks discusses his win over Chris Jericho at AEW Revolution. He says people have been asking him what’s next, and he admits that he doesn’t know. Starks says he’s focused on where he’s going to go next. Juice Robinson attacks Starks from behind and leaves him lying.

TNT Champion Wardlow, wearing a FTR shirt, addresses the car break-in and makes it clear he’s in a fighting mood. He wants his bout with Hobbs to be a Falls Count Anywhere Match,.h.

Renee Paquette interviews Ruby Soho and asks her about why she aligned with Saraya and Toni Storm. Soho says the fans created this “monster”, as she recalls how they were thrilled when Britt Baker beat her, but they were unhappy when she defeated Kris Statlander. She notes that the fans were delighted when Jamie Hayter at AEW Revolution, and she realized no one in AEW would ever really appreciate her. Soho says that she connected with Saraya and Storm over the way the fans turned on them. She states that the broken foundation of AEW is the rookies who think they deserve the world, and she turns her attention to Skye Blue, her opponent.

Ruby Soho vs. Skye Blue

Soho takes the fight to Skye Blue. She controls the action and grounds Blue for the opening portion of the match. Blue tries to rally, but Soho rocks her with a kick. Blue fires up with some strikes. She gets a two count with a diving crossbody. Soho and Blue exchange kicks. Soho pulls Blue’s hair and hits the Destination Unknown for the victory.

Winner: Ruby Soho

Saraya and Toni Storm come to the ring, and Soho starts to spray an “L” on Blue until Willow Nightingale makes the save. Willow tries to talk some sense into Soho, and Saraya and Storm attack her from behind. Soho drops Willow with the No Future. Saraya sprays an “L” on Blue and Nightingale.

In an interview, Hangman Page discusses his win over Jon Moxley at AEW Revolution. He makes it clear that he’s done with Moxley.

MJF cuts a post-match promo after his win over Bryan Danielson at AEW Revolution and says he snapped the wing off of “The American Dragon.” He says it’s time to celebrate, and he’s single. MJF says his birthday is on March 15, and he’s going to celebrate with a re-Bar Mitzvah.

In-Ring Segment: FTR

Tony Schiavone interviews FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler). Wheeler says the last few months have been bad for them, as they suffered a string of losses, both in the ring and in their personal lives with the passing of Jay Briscoe. He says they needed to recharge, but he can’t sit at home as The Gunns call themselves the best tag team in wrestling. Wheeler calls The Gunns the future of the division, but he says they’re spoiled assholes. He says their father gave them their opportunity in the business, and he’s going to teach them a lesson that “Daddy Ass” should have. Harwood says he loves the fans, and he appreciates their support. Harwood says The Gunns ruined one of his last memories of Jay Briscoe, and now it’s time for revenge. Dax says they want to win the titles for the Briscoes, the fans and themselves.

Jade Cargill is interviewed and asked if she’s feeling challenged. She says there is no challenge. Cargill asks for a quality opponent next week, and she specifically invites a top Canadian talent to face her.

Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Daniel Garcia) (with Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, and Jake Hager) vs. Top Flight & AR Fox

Jericho gains a brief advantage as he faces Fox. Guevara tags in and takes control. The JAS poses together. Darius and Dante fire up with some fast-paced offense. A distraction from the ringside JAS members help their stablemates gain the upper hand again. Jericho grounds Martin, and the JAS grounds the fan-favorite. Dante rallies and tags Fox, who clears house with a flurry of offense. Fox drops Guevara and Garcia with a double cutter. Darius hits a Spanish Fly on Jericho for a two count. Fox takes Guevara out with a dive. Darius gets a two count with an inside cradle. Hager hits Darius with a bat, and Jericho pins him with the Judas Effect.

Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Daniel Garcia)

After the match, Angelo Parker says the group’s win was the biggest trios win in AEW history. Garcia says they should be the number one contenders for the AEW World Trios Championship Guevara says they’re the sexiest group alive. Jericho repeats that they are deeming themselves the new number one contenders. He calls out the House of Black. The Elite answers instead, and Omega says they have stayed out of Jericho’s way up to this point. Don Callis cuts him off and reminds everyone that established the trios titles. He says The Elite are the top contenders. Callis calls Jericho one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but he’s the second-best wrestler from Winnipeg. Jericho gets fired up, but the House of Black interrupts on the video screen. Malakai Black says both teams are worthy. House of Black appears after the lights go out and come back on. Black tells them to come get the titles.

Tony Khan announces that the AEW All-Atlantic Championship will be renamed the AEW International Championship. In support of Shazam! Fury of the Gods, per the champion’s request, Orange Cassidy will defend the gold against Jeff Jarrett next week.

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