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Bully Ray: You Can’t Pay Your Mortgage With A Star Rating

Bully Ray doesn’t base his worth on a star rating.

Beginning in the 1980s, The Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer popularized a method to evaluate the performance of professional wrestling match. This became known as the star rating system, where matches were assigned stars typically on a scale zero to five. On a rare occasion, some wrestlers have exceeded that “maximum” 5-star rating.


While the five-star rating system has struck up some heavy debate amongst fans, and wrestlers themselves, Bully Ray admits he has no problem with Meltzer. He does like to “take little shots at the star rankings” though. Recently appearing on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the former IMPACT World Champion revealed which IMPACT match he believes should’ve been denoted with five stars.

“So me and Jeff Hardy in the cage at [2013] Lockdown. That sold more tickets to any pay-per-view or event in the United States for TNA and IMPACT than any other show ever. That alone is a five-star performance to me,” Bully Ray said.

Throughout the history of IMPACT Wrestling, only one match has secured a five-star rating. In September 2005, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe collided at the Unbreakable pay-per-view for the X-Division Championship. Styles emerged victorious, but the combined performance of all three earned the first and only five-star rating for the company.

While some may fixate on a specific WON star rating, Bully Ray isn’t really fazed by them. “Here’s the thing with the with the star ratings — and I bust chops. If Ric Flair wants to give out star ratings on a match, I’ll start to listen. If Hulk Hogan wants to give out star ratings, I’ll start to listen, if Ricky Steamboat wants to give out star ratings, [I’ll listen]. You get my point.”

“I don’t give out star ratings. I give bag of money ratings because you can’t pay your mortgage with a star rating. But you can pay your mortgage with a bag of money.”

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