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IMPACT Wrestling Results – March 9, 2023

IMPACT Wrestling Results – March 9, 2023

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Bully Ray comes out and grabs a mic. He harps on Tommy Dreamer’s shocking “someone like me” promo at No Surrender. Bully says he doesn’t know what a Busted Open match is, and all he knows is that Dreamer won’t make it to Sacrifice because of the damage the hot coffee did to his eyes. Bully says Tommy knows there’s no way in hell the Busted Open match will happen.

Santino Marella comes out and calls him “Bobby Ray.” Santino runs him down and eventually makes the Busted Open match official for Sacrifice. Bhupinder Gujjar comes out and speaks in his native tongue. Santino books Gujjar vs. Bully for right now.

Bully Ray vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

Gujjar tries to take it to Bully at the bell, but Bully takes him down. Bully picks Gujjar up for a big chest chop. Gujjar asks for more and receives more chops. Gujjar blocks a chop and strikes back before hitting a series of dropkicks. Gujjar goes up top, but Bully hits the ropes to knock him down. Bully grabs a chain, but Gujjar counters with a dropkick. Gujjar lifts the chain up and eats a low blow in the process.

Winner: Bhupinder Gujjar by DQ

Bully grabs the chain and whips Gujjar until Dreamer runs in to make the save. Dreamer lifts up Bully, but Masha Slamovich low blows him from behind to stop it. Masha chokes Dreamer before Mickie runs down and strikes Bully with a kendo stick. Mickie dodges a boot and tackles Masha. Bully chokes Mickie with the chain until Dreamer threatens a chair shot. Bully and Masha retreat as the three babyfaces regroup.

A vignette for PCO airs. He declares he is alive and challenges Eddie Edwards to fight him.

Josh Alexander recruits Rich Swann and Frankie Kazarian to team with him at Sacrifice, but Steve Maclin pitches himself unsuccessfully.

Sami Callihan vs. Rhino

They start with a lock up and attempted shoulder tackles on each other until Sami gets knocked back. They trade blows and then Sami rakes the eyes. Sami retreats out of the ring and Rhino chases after as they continue scrapping. Rhino ends up chopping the ring post when Sami ducks. After the break, Rhino drops Sami with a TKO for a nearfall. Sami yanks Rhino to the mat by his hair for a cover. Rhino slams Sami into the turnbuckle and then tosses him with a belly to belly. Rhino goes for Gore but meets a boot. Sami clotheslines him, cover. Kon strikes Sami at ringside, which allows Rhino hit the Gore for the win.

Winner: Rhino

The Design surround Sami in the ring, but nothing further happens.

Dango is talking to Santino backstage when Trey Miguel walks up and asks what they are doing for him. Santino announces he’ll have a handpicked opponent for him at Sacrifice. Then at Multiverse United, Trey will defend in a six-man scramble against Swann, Kazarian, Connors, Romero, and Knight.

Jordynne Grace vs. Alex Gracia

Lock up to start. Alex throws several right forearms but Grace shoulder blocks her. Gracia hits a dropkick but can’t get the cover. Grace whips Gracia across the ring and then lands a wheel barrel German suplex. Gracia tries to fight the Grace Driver. Jordynne sends her to the corner for a back fist. Jordynne drops her to the mat and then slams her with the Grace Driver for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Backstage, Moose finds Joe Hendry speaking to a group. Moose and Brian Myers team up to beat Hendry up and he starts a “Dancing Moose” chant. Myers claims the Digital Media title belongs to him and they slam him one more time.

The Bullet Club walks through the locker room, running into Gia Miller, Kevin Knight, and Shane Haste before encountering Alexander, Swann, and Kazarian. A challenge is laid out for a trios match next week.

Jonathan Gresham vs. KUSHIDA

Handshake to start. Gresham goes for a waist lock as the grappling starts off quick with several reversals. Gresham gets hit with an arm drag into a headlock. They get to their feet for a stand off. They meet skull to skull and shake hands again for a hold. Gresham gets Kushida twisted around first until Kushida reverses it. Kushida takes Gresham to the mat with attempted covers. Kushida continues targeting the left arm to set up the Hover Board lock. Gresham reaches the top rope to break.

They get into a shoving match before Gresham takes Kushida down with his own left arm twist. Kushida tries bridging into a cover off a German, but Gresham pivots out and tries his own Hoverboard lock. Kushida switches to an arm bar and attempts a pin at the same time. Gresham puts his foot on the bottom rope as the crowd cheers them on. Gresham gets in a two count. They finally break apart as Gresham dodges Kushida until he drops Gresham into the Hoverboard lock for an immediate tap.


Gresham offers a handshake after the match as they meet head to head again.

We see footage of Eddie Edwards driving out into the Las Vegas desert.

Killer Kelly enters the ring and sets up a chair. She wasn’t a fan of Taylor Wilde’s antics, but she has a game for her to play. Wilde comes out with a mic. Wilde says the spirit says this isn’t about Kelly, but rather the future and what’s meant to be. Wilde offers Kelly to pick a card. Kelly says she makes her own destiny, so Wilde says she’ll choose her fate for her. Wilde draws The Tower card for massive change and chaos. KiLynn King slides in behind Kelly and strikes her with a chair. King slams Kelly and locks hands with Wilde.

Backstage, Death Dollz approach Killer Kelly and offer her help with Taylor Wilde. Kelly is unsure but appreciates the offer. She’s not afraid of a two on one situation. Kelly exits as Wilde and King walk up. Wilde asks Rosemary if she’s jealous. Rosemary sets up a tag title match and says Wilde will have to give up black magic if they lose their shot.

Edwards finds PCO in the desert and a brawl breaks out involving a shovel. PCO drops Eddie into the dirt with a reverse DDT. PCO drags Edwards over to a pit and announces he will be buried. PCO raises up his shovel but turns around and gets hit by a car. Eddie gets in the car and leaves.

Announced for next week:

  • Steve Maclin vs. Heath
  • Gresham & Bailey vs. Decay
  • Alexander, Kazarian & Swann vs. Bullet Club
  • The Coven vs. Death Dollz for the Knockouts Tag Team titles

Knockouts World Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Gisele Shaw

Deonna Purrazzo joins commentary for the main event title match.

Lockup to start. Mickie takes Shaw down with a headlock. They lock up again and Mickie works the left arm. Shaw reverses it with a hold of her own and then pulls Mickie by her hair to the mat. Mickie gets tossed out and Gisele attempts a sliding dropkick. James catches her with a neckbreaker on the floor. Back from break, James holds her foot against Shaw in the corner. Shaw catches James in the corner with elbows before attempting a cover.

Shaw holds James on the mat with a stretch. They get to their feet and trade more blows until Shaw applies a chinlock. Mickie reaches the bottom rope to break it. Shaw gets taken down with a head scissors, clotheslines, and a flapjack from the champ. James goes up top as Shaw rolls out. Mickie pivots and wipes out Evans and Vidal, which allows Shaw to attack from behind. Shaw gets in a two count. Shaw hits a series of uppercuts for a nearfall. Shaw whips Mickie by her hair while risking DQ. They trade slaps and chest chops until clashing heads.

They get back up and continue trading blows. Mickie pulls out a dropkick and roundhouse. Another flapjack connects. Mickie goes up top again and hits the senton, nearfall. Gisele dodges Mick Kick and superkicks the champ. Mickie kicks Shaw and Vidal gets on the apron. Deonna takes care of Vidal but Evans gets in on the other side. Shaw rolls up Mickie, but Deonna helps Mickie roll through and the ref turns around and counts three. Mickie retains.

Winner: Mickie James (c)

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