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Masha Slamovich Aims To Be A Master Of All Crafts

Masha Slamovich is all about that fight life.

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard recently spoke with Masha Slamovich, who has a very busy schedule in the month of March. Coming off of her recent appearance at wXw’s 16 Carat Gold events, Slamovich’s week includes matches for Fight Life on March 15, as well as matches with Nick Gage and Speedball Mike Bailey at GCW shows in New York City and Toronto.


Slamovich has been working with Fight Life since its first event, but she believes her opponent, Channing Thomas, should be fielding questions about being prepared for the match.

“I’ve got to say I’m really happy that they’re coming to FITE because we’ve been pumping out a lot of really awesome matches with a lot of really great talent. So I’m really excited that we’re gonna get to showcase that on a bit of a bigger platform online. And of course, Channing Thomas, I hope he’s just ready for the match,” Slamovich said. “Because I don’t think you should be asking me questions about being ready. I think it’s for the other guy, am I right?”

Slamovich also spoke about the match with Nick Gage, set to take place at GCW’s “Eye For An Eye” in Queens, New York. Slamovich said she’s obviously looking forward to it because it’s a world title match but it’s a venue she’s very comfortable with.

”Another opportunity to become the world champion at a place that I wrestle quite frequently. I’ve been working quite hard there since I’ve got there, as I do for every other company. So I’m very excited for this match. My friends and family are going to be coming out to New York, and I actually always like wrestling at Melrose. There’s always been throughout my career some really fun moments at Melrose,” Slamovich noted, “for example, working there last year on my birthday with GCW facing Marko Stunt. Way back in the day, doing some work with IMPACT Wrestling at Melrose and so on.

“And I’m also very excited to wrestle with GCW in Toronto because I have not been outside of the United States with GCW. So that will be my first GCW little international trip,” she said. “[It’s] always a great time wrestling Speedball. What is this like, our fourth match at this time? So very much looking forward to putting on another interesting classic, so to speak.”

Slamovich is working several notable indie dates all while maintaining a presence on IMPACT Wrestling television. Asked what motivates her most, whether it’s championships or storylines, Slamovich said it’s all about staying well-versed in everything she does.

“What motivates me is stepping in there and having good matches week after week with a whole litany of different opponents because I really pride myself on being versatile. And I think versatility is something that’s very important if people say they want to be the best in the world. Well, I believe that you have to be the best in not just one style of wrestling, I believe you should be at least somewhat a little bit a master of all crafts,” Slamovich explained, “so I’m trying to get there and facing different opponents and having great matches is exactly how to do that in my opinion.”

Masha Slamovich will face off with Channing Thomas at Fight Life 9 on March 15. The event will air live on FITE+ at 7 pm.

GCW Eye For An Eye takes place on March 17, while GCW Worst Behavior is set for March 19. Both events are also available for purchase on FITE (or via FITE+ subscription).

Check out the full interview with Masha Slamovich below:

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