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2K Elaborates On New Universe Mode Features In WWE 2K23

Video game lovers are sure to be pleased with the additions and enhancements made to Universe Mode in the upcoming WWE 2K23 game set to be released this week.

Widely known as a hybrid of sandbox and GM mode, players are set to have more control than ever this year after it was revealed what features have been added to the mode. The biggest change to the mode is related to the rivalry system. A new ‘momentum’ factor has been added to rivalries which allows superstars in a rivalry to build momentum and use it to do things like attack someone before a match. Players can decide on the outcome of a rivalry by cashing in on momentum.

For players that do not want to be bothered by building momentum or being constrained by this feature, there is a separate ‘free play mode’ in Universe that allows players to do whatever they want, whenever they want as it relates to rivalries. This allows players to decide how wrestlers will react, if they will win or lose, and what they do before/after matches.

There are over 100 rivalry actions to choose from this year across 5 different categories which are Attack, Cheap Shot, Disrespect, Showdown, and Sportsmanship. You can also set up actions to occur during matches based on various circumstances to give even more customization.

It was also confirmed that War Games can be used in Universe Mode. If you’d like to take a deeper dive into Universe Mode, SmackTalks has the rundown of Universe Mode that you can watch here.

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