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Chris Adonis: Challenging For The NWA World Title Is My Chance At Redemption

Chris Adonis views NWA 312 as his shot at redemption.

Adonis previously worked for WWE as Chris Masters; his first run ended shortly after he was suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy for a second time. He later returned to the company, but he was released again in 2011. In recent years, he has been wrestling for the NWA, and he is a former NWA National Champion.


Speaking with Scott Fishman of SEScoops, Adonis previewed his match with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus at NWA 312 and gave the champion credit for loving professional wrestling. He also stated that Tyrus might be the champion, but he’s the better wrestler.

“He is a polarizing figure for a number of reasons,” Adonis said. “First off, when you work at Fox News, that is going to be part of the deal anyway. One thing I will say about the IWC is one thing they don’t know is the true love Tyrus actually has for pro wrestling….The love he has for professional wrestling is not fake. He sits around and watches old Dusty Rhodes matches on his TV at home. He is legit about that. That doesn’t change the fact when it comes to Tyrus and myself, I’ve made it pretty clear he may be the NWA champion, but I am the better wrestler. That is what it all comes down to on 312 pay-per-view.”

Adonis then described how he views this title shot as his chance at redemption for some of the mistakes he made when he was with WWE. He expressed his desire to close out his career on a positive note.

“I was slated for the Intercontinental title, the tag titles, potentially the youngest WWE champion of all time,” Adonis said. “But to me, this shot at the world title is my shot at redemption. To me, what matters is what I leave behind in these last few years. If I can look back and say I put forward my best body of work and became the NWA champion world champion, the most prestigious championship in all of wrestling. At the very least, that is going to be a feel-good story for me. It matters to me. It’s important I close my career out right.” 

WestleZone will have coverage of NWA 312 as it airs on April 6.