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Kane Reveals The Two Favorite Incarnations Of His Character

The Kane character lasted through many incarnations in WWE over the course of two decades.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently sat down with Graham Matthews of Daily DDT to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about all the versions of The Big Red Machine we’ve seen over the years, it appears he has two somewhat surprising favorite incarnations of his character.


“Corporate Kane wasn’t everyone’s favorite incarnation of Kane, but it was shocking and surprising and it was different,” he said. “It’s always cool to step outside the confines of the character.

“One of my favorite parts of my career was with Daniel Bryan and the Team Hell No stuff because if you look back at 1998 and fast forward 20 years and Kane is going to be the comedic element on the show? No way. It was cool to do that and destroy people’s preconceived notion of what you can do.”

When asked about the character’s longevity in WWE, Kane attributed that to doing what was right for the company and not being selfish.

“I just showed up every day and worked hard,” Kane said. “I also wasn’t selfish. People would say, ‘Why is Kane putting this person over?’ The reason is because it’s good for the company. You always need new people coming along and in the end, I stayed there for a long time because of that. I understood it wasn’t about me, it was about the success of the company and if the company’s successful, I was going to be successful.”

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What do you make of Kane’s comments? What is your favorite version of The Big Red Machine? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.