trish stratus
Photo Credit: WWE

Trish Stratus Feels Inspired By Becky Lynch And Bayley’s Work

After a legendary career throughout the 2000s, WWE’s Trish Stratus is back in the ring, having appeared alongside fellow WWE Hall of Famer Lita in a few promotions during the run-up to WrestleMania 39.

Speaking to Forbes in a recent interview, Stratus reflected on her return, as well as her upcoming WrestleMania 39 match, which will see her team up alongside Becky Lynch and Lita to take on the trio of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky, otherwise known as Damage CTRL.

“It’s really special,” said Stratus on her match. “Think about our match: you have the past with me and Lita, you have the present with Becky and Bayley and you have the future in Iyo and Dakota. I’m inspired by Becky and Bayley’s current work. They were inspired from the very beginning by our work, so to see that all come together, it would be so interesting to see how it plays out.”

Despite seemingly being done with wrestling, Stratus is now keeping the door open for future appearances as well. When asked who she’d like to face off against, her answer was simple: anyone.

“All of them,” Stratus said. “I’ll have a little something-something with each of them. Maybe I’ll go dip into a singles match if they make it unbroken out of this match (laughs). “I’m a fan of all their work, because Bayley, we had a little rivalry going once she was at a live event here in Toronto that I did. It’s fun to go back and to dip into these characters that you never thought you’d interact with on that level. And seeing someone like an Iyo Sky, and seeing her work in the past in Japan, it’s a different style. So how would that play out? I’m excited.”